11 Months Old

We're in full first birthday gift buying mode. It's been amazing and that (not so little) baby we brought home is now a wonderful, funny, sassy toddler!

One month away from a year old! This month so much seems to have changed in Cecily. She seems to understand what we're saying more, she's able to get up on her feet quickly to cruise along and I don't think it will be long before she realises she can walk without holding on!

The way she processes things more as well now, especially when playing. For Christmas, she received a sticking ring set which she now tries to stack back up. It's not the right order and sometimes she can't quite get the rings on the stick, but you can tell that she knows they're meant to go on there. I'd forgotten just how fascinating this age is. Everyday you can see Cecily remember something from the previous day, no matter how small and it reminds you just how powerful the human brain is.

On top of this, her fine motor skills are also improving. She's able to feed herself more precisely and leave less mess (there's still quite a bit but any improvement is better) compared to usual. She's also able to pick things up between her thumb and one or two fingers which is right where she needs to be with the fine motor skills.

As for gross motor skills, she has nailed throwing! Cecily throws things everywhere now, off of her highchair table, out of her cot, across the living room, EVERYWHERE! She's also loving pulling her Ninky Nonk toy around.

This month has also marked the end of formula milk! The tim was empty and buying another one for four weeks seemed utterly ridiculous so where on to cows milk now. So far it's been fine. We've had no reactions, she's still drinking the same amount at bedtime and drinks milk, along with water, throughout the day. It's lovely as it's once less thing to faff around with when you leave the house. We can now just grab her a drink of water or milk when visiting people instead of remembering formula. It's also another step away from the baby specific products. Although there are many great brands out there for baby food, cereal and so on, there is something nice about reaching a point where everyone in the family can eat the same thing. Cecily has always eaten whatever we're eating but at breakfast still has baby muesli or porridge (along with some toast). It'll be good to get to the point where we can swap the porridge for some wheet-a-bix or similar.

We've also got the fun of birthday shopping to come! I love shopping for gifts for the girls. I'm one of those who enjoys that more than the actual day. We're looking to get her some nice toddler bedding and some nice new clothes. Christmas has only just happened and both girls had mountains of toys that I actually have no idea what we could get her let alone think about where it could go.

Once of the nicest parts though is that she is now more able to play with Lily. The more Cecily is able to join in with Lily the more amazing it is. Right now she loves to roll a ball across the floor at Lily and gets over excited when she rolls it back to her. They also love going on the swings together at the park. If Lily faces the opposite way, Cecily thinks it's hilarious when Lily seems to appear out of nowhere as they cross paths.

Lastly, we're back to baby proofing the house. Lots of things were able to go when Lily grew out of them like stair gates and table corner cushions. I remember when Lily was little I received a safety kit from the local children's center when I signed up in a sort of welcome bag. It was so useful but I can't remember who made it! I'm now on the hunt for one that comes with a lot in it. As we live in a flat, everything is on one level so every room needs to be sorted.

We'll also be heading to The Baby Show at Excel London next month! I'm hoping to find some of the next step products we need and get what we need for Cecily to start nursery! The first thing I keep thinking about is getting a light weight, small stroller to keep in Matt's car. Right now, switching everything over constantly is time consuming and a pain. It would be great if he had something small he could keep in there for the little trips he needs it on. We also need some plates that stick to the highchair tray in the hope of stopping Cecily lifting them up and trying to throw them. I also needs a backpack for her for when she starts nursery. I found with Lily that it was much easier to have a separate nursery bag, but it's finding one big enough for everything!

Let us know if you'll be heading to The Baby Show , don't forget to come and say hello. It's always nice to meet you all on out visits.

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