Baby Faced Mums: Week 3

Another fantastic week for baby faced mums.

We met another student mum, a young girl expecting and an ex troublesome teen who has settled down.

The main difference though with week three is the social media responses. During and after the episode, I like to scroll through Twitter and Facebook to see how the public has reacted to the episode and this week I saw a shift. Week one was full of negative comments. It was the usual about young mums having children to get a council house and so on. This week, although some of those were still there, you could see that people were starting to defend and relate more to young mums.

The public have started to see that young mums are just like any other mum and also, all the other people their age. We know how to have a good time while respecting our responsibilities to our children.

Yasmin had her son when she was just 15. She set out to prove the careers adviser at her school wrong after they said she would achieve nothing after leaving school. She has just completed university and is starting her masters degree. I’d say, she has achieved a lot. All the way though, I found myself saying “I hope that person is watching this and can see how wrong they were!”.

We saw a lot of Yasmin at home with her son Lucas. In a similar way to Rachael last week, we saw how she balanced university work with the role of motherhood. It’s a hard balance but its a task a lot of younger mothers are starting to take on. It’s great that the show is continuing to show this as the law now states that you have to stay in some sort of education or apprenticeship until you are 18, so now more than ever, showing other young mums that it can be done while looking after a child.

Yasmin talked about a lot of home truths though for young mums. She talked about how some young mums don’t realise that it is being up a night sterilising bottles and dealing with cradle cap, exploding nappies and about a million other things.

We also met Kim who is a ‘self proclaimed’ wild child, who has swapped her wild nights out for her nights in. Kim and her fiancée planned to have baby after about a year of being together. Even though she had planned the pregnancy, she still went through those nerves of telling your parents..always a hard thing to do. Kim struck me as a very realistic person. She knew what was involved with being a mum and sailed through into it.

Finally we met Heather. She was due to give birth any day during the show so it was like watching a ticking time bomb. She showed the value of a supportive network. With her mum staying with her and her brother living in the flat below, her less than straightforward birth needed those familiar faces. It also gave her that place to go and talk. She explained how the father of her baby had been avoiding her, wanting noting to do with their daughter. But after watching the relationship she has with her family, you could see how prepared she was to meet her daughter.

So far with baby faced mums, we've seen girls in education at a high level, it would be nice to see how a young parents still in mainstream school copes with the responsibilities. Baby faced mums has shown a whole range of people, that young mums are not always what they think they are...

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