Baby Faced Mums: Week 6

Are we really at week six? It seems like only yesterday we met the girls in week one! This week we meet our first baby faced mum with twins, Jessica and two more expectant young mums.

The show headed to Wales this week to meet Jessica. The 20-year-old is mother to twin boys, Ben & Jack who are 7 months old. Double the cuteness! She and her partner, Adam showed us how they juggle two children well and who the extra pair of hands around the house is vital!

She showed us just how tough it is to have more than one baby. She points out that one baby is expensive enough, but with twins, you need two of everything. Two high chairs, two bouncers, two car seats and so on. herself and Adam said they feel the pressure financially, but they manage to get through it.

Jessica talks about how she's worried about Adam getting back to work and finding a new job. She worries about how she will cope with both the boys on her own. There's a beautiful moment where she is talking to her aunt about how she wants to do something for herself. She suggested getting a small job in the local pub or joining a mother and baby group so that she can make friends and get out of the house more.

She was also scared of taking on the demand of two children after settling into a routine where someone else is there. I really hope she has managed it, I'm sure she has. Baby Faced Mums needs an end of series special where we catch up with them!

We also met Bethany. Her lively spirit made me smile. We see her preparing for the birth of her son Harley. She said the most non baby related thing yet it stuck in my mind. She talked about her fear of growing old and loosing her "prettiness". I was sat there thinking "yeah, I'm scared of that too!".

Bethany's mum Tricia was on hand to offer advice and support after being a young mum herself. She had Bethany at the age of 18. Tricia highlighted some of the big changes to your life when you become a young mum and the biggest of which is social exclusion. You can't just go out with your friends and when you're at home with your baby, they're normally at college, university or work. It can get really lonely and it was nice to hear that this isn't a recent issue for young mums today. That all young mums go through it and there is light at the end of the social exclusion tunnel!

Finally, Jordaina Wright gave us a glimpse in to her world for the last few days of her pregnancy and the start of her journey as a mother. Her mother was great. Where she is still fairly young herself, she shared some great tips with Jordan and they seemed more like close sisters than mother and daughter. She is a really mature, realistic, young women. Her mother was young when she was born and has also worked in childcare. She told us about how natural it feels to her to look after children and care for them.

Jordan mentioned how she really felt pregnant once she saw that pictures from the first scan. She talked about how there is something magical and wonderful about seeing your baby's heartbeat and to seem them wriggle about on the screen.

Her partner John was wonderful. Jordan mentioned how surprised she was about how he has stepped up to the mark of being a father. She joked that when she first met him, she thought he was "a bit of a player".

Their most touching moment was when they talked about their son's name. John told us that their son's name would be Noah because there is something special about that name that "you can't have that name and not be great in life - that name has a purpose". I loved him for that. You could see the passion in what he was saying.

Finally with Jordaina, she pointed out something which I feel young mums constantly have to share. There is a big culture of people who believe young mums have babies because you get more money. It's not true. Jordaina told us about how she was feeling the finial struggle as she is no longer working and on benefits saying how it's less than half of what she is used to.

Hopefully, she will help people realise having children at young age isn't about getting money out of people, it's about taking that step into adulthood and embracing your responsibility as a parent, most of all, caring for another little human being.

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