The Happiness Planner

I'm really excited to say that our copy of The Happiness Planner has arrived.

I have seen hundreds of posts and pages about this product all over Facebook and Twitter now for a while and after further research, thought it could be a great way to help get through those tough and stressful stages of being a parent, as well as help have a healthy 2016. Created by Mo Seetubtim, who blogs as the Brand Mentalist, it really is the new and most popular way of positively changing your lifestyle.

How does it work?

Based over a year planner or 100 days (I've ordered the 100 days edition), it is designed to help you to understand yourself more and become more self-aware. After having a baby, you can lose sense of both of these things. It works by practicing self-reflection.

It will also help you learn to look at the positives to the environment around you and will help you become more resilient and move on more easily and positively from disappointments

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change - Jim Rohn

After suffering from baby blues and PND (Post Natal Depression), I found doing some of these things really hard and challenging. Hopefully, this planner will help avoid going back to the 'dark days' often

As the year has already kicked off, I am using the 100 day planner. I think it is more flexible as you can start it any point. They also come in a choice of three colours; a pretty baby pink shade, a professional looking black one and a beautiful aqua design. I have the aqua one, blue is one of my favourite colours and it was the most beautiful one to me!

They are produced to such a wonderful, high standard of quality. Each planner comes with a matching, protective cover (great when you have a child who is prone to spilling her drinks!) with 'The Happiness Planner' in a gold foil stamping design and the Brand Mentalist logo just underneath.

You also get a series of inspirational quotes spread out amongst the pages. My favourite of which so far is

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change - Jim Rohn".

Before you get started with it, there is a section at the start which is very much a self-reflection of who you are right now. It's great as not only do you reflect on the positive aspects about yourself, but also the negative. This is something I feel I definitely needed to do and it also helped me to set a few goals for myself. This included section such as 'What are you "What are you grateful for in your life?" and 'What are your strengths/Weaknesses". I suggest you complete this with a cup of tea, in bed with a bit of piece and quiet to really get the benefit of it.

I guess for now that is it! I will be starting my 100 day journey with The Happiness Planner on Monday and will keep you all up to date with my journey to a more positive lifestyle and mindset!

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