Threenager Thunderstorm

Title says it really this time. Yes, Storm Lily has hit the household and good luck to anyone who encounters it. It really is meltdown central about the most insignificant little things. This week, we have had a tantrum over birthday presents.

At nursery, birthday party season is well underway and Lily is now starting to understand the concept of a birthday, but since her birthday, she automatically assumes the gifts are for her! It takes me a while to get through to her that yes, on her birthday she got lots of presents, but now it's somebody else's turn to celebrate. I've now resorted to buying the gifts in secret and hiding them until party day just to avoid this!

The second biggest 'moment' was over swimming lessons. Lily loves swimming and is currently on the waiting list for classes at our local pool as the classes we can make are currently full. For some reason, in Lily's world, this means no swimming ever! I've told her we can go swimming next week, but it won't be to a class (it might if a spot open up though). It's like treading on eggshells and with essays to write and her dad working a lot lately, we're all getting quite grumpy and snappy.

I don't really know what to do. Lily hasn't really been through a tantrum stage recently, I thought we were getting out of it. Before, I could calmly explain something to her and she would usually move on and try something else, but this time she is so stubborn (to be fair, this is passed on from me!). I also can't use the old 'baby tricks' of telling her that we can do something later so she forgets as she now remembers or move a toy to a different room as she just goes on looking for it until she finds it. I'm usually the one who is tough on the discipline and education front, but in this situation, my discipline skills are on holiday.

Looking at the positives, she has been a star at nursery! Now that she's three years old, she'll be moving up into a class with older children and she is so excited to (and I quote) "do more numbers and letters". Lily has always loved counting and at home, we've been working on simple addition and subtraction. For example, we got all of the oranges out of the fruit bowl and counted them, added some, recounted, took some away and she really enjoyed it! Hide and seek is now a lot of fun as instead of counting to 10, she gets to 20 then attempts the next lot and I find it jaw dropping. It's funny how as a parent, simple things like counting, become the most exciting moments of your day!

I think when you get the low times with tantrums, stress, work and so on, the best thing you can do is take a step back and look at the good. It reminds you that every adventure has low points, but it's okay.

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