Exciting news!

I finally have a job for after university!! Woohoo!! (Be honest, who was expecting a baby announcement!)

This is a huge weight off of my mind and I finally feel like a relax for a small while, but I’m also really excited to start. There’s a huge sense of achievement with this. Not only have I managed to find a job that has good money, it’s also related to my degree. I remember watching a few of my friends graduating into to careers that had nothing to do with what they had been studying and I thought ‘what was the point in going to university then?’ where as I feel now that my degree means something, to me at least anyway.

It’s all smiles and celebrating here!

Next though comes the nerves and anxiety. I feel a little like being back in year six and moving up to secondary school. I have no idea who I’ll meet, where I’m sitting and how the general day goes there. I’m also very aware that not only am I the new kid on the block for the company but in the job world in general. I haven’t had a job since having Lily, I jumped straight back into university when she turned one and I feel a bit cautious with going back. It’s all good nerves, though, they’ve got a kick of excitement and adrenaline to them.

I know there are quite a few of you who read my blog who are also in some form of education and getting a job after for sustainable income is always in your mind, so here are a few tips that I thought may help you.

Alex’s job hunting tips

1. Take your time

Firstly, it takes a while, so don't panic if you don’t find something straight away. I’ve been on the graduate job hunt since September, so it’s taken me five months to get anywhere. I knew I would be graduating and completing my studies in May and felt starting in September gave me a good head start and time to really find the right position.

2. Preparation is important

I’m lucky that I have had some really supportive lecturers around me the past few years. After a couple of months of no replies, I sent my CV to one for a review and I’m glad I did. They pointed me in the direction of some handy websites and library books that really helped me structure and improve the tone and professionalism of my CV. Preparation is also key for interviews. My first interview I strolled along hoping for the best and tried to answer questions about the company and role. I WAS USELESS! Now, my biggest tip is a couple of days before, refresh yourself of the job advertisement and do a little background research on the company. They want people who care about the company, not just the pay level.

3. Feel comfortable

This will probably go against what most believe but, hey! Don’t overdress for an interview, just smarten up. I wore a dress and blazer to one interview which isn’t really my style and I was so uncomfortable in it I couldn’t stop fidgeting. The next time, I wore a smart jumper with some slim fit trousers and I felt more confident and more myself and it all went a lot better. Be who you are and if that means keeping it low key still, then you do that!

4. Don’t be afraid!

Don’t be scared and dream big! Found a vacancy you love but feel a few skills are missing? Apply anyway. Show the employer that you have the majority of those skills and that you’re willing to learn and grow as a professional. The worst that will happen is they say no and if they do, move on to the next application, but they could always say yes…

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