Scooter into Summer with Fascol

Summer is here again! I still can’t quite believe it is August already, it feels like each year is flying past faster and faster. Before we know it, Lily will be off to university before we know it.

That means making the most of her childhood is really important to us. Now that I’m working full time, I’m starting to appreciate my weekend time with her more and finding activities to fill those days have been somewhat of a challenge. We’re currently paying for our wedding, graduation and Lily’s 4th birthday party, so something we can do easily and at a low price is what we need.

Luckily, the wonderful guys at Fascol had the perfect solution…a scooter!

As someone who loves a walk, this is brilliant! Lily can now speed off and I can run (and get a bit fitter) chasing after her. I also think it may help with her coordination and confidence in trying new things.

First, let’s get the technical side out of the way. The Fascol Surfing Scooteris nice height (standing at 75cm tall) for Lily who is approaching 4 years old. The design of the scooter includes a ‘C’ shaped bend in the frame. Not only does this add a great dimension to the visuals, it acts as a bumper when faced with a hard collision.

What’s unique and a different about this scooter is the way you steer it. Unlike most scooters where you need to turn the handle, the Fascol Surfer requires you to tilt to the side. Now, this is something that Lily found quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. She can now manoeuvre the scooter with ease.


  • RRP: £52.94 (Via Amazon UK)

  • Item Weight: 2.9kg/6.4lb


  • Package Included: 1 x Scooter; 1 x Instruction Handbook

  • Product Dimensions: 75*62*30cm/29.53*24.41*11.81 inch

  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 years and older.

  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Load: 60 Kilograms / 132 Pounds.

A scooter is something I’ve been hesitant about for Lily. I’ve seen a lot of children have accidents with them, but during the assembly, I could clearly see that the parts are well built and fit together neatly. Assembly was pretty straight forward for Matt, I attempted but it’s something that really isn’t my strongest skill! I’d say it took him between 7-10 minutes so not really any time at all. You could drink a cup of tea in that time.

Now on to the fun part…PLAY TIME!

We’ve unpacked it, it’s late, dark but we’ve been out all day and Lily was well behaved so we thought she could play for a while. What did we notice first? THE WHEELS LIGHT UP! It was like a throwback to my childhood when my friends and I were fascinated with light up trainers. It makes the scooter look as if it is going faster than it is, but it also means you can’t lose them! we could see Lily lighting up for what felt like miles.

The scooter its self is also really stable. We’ve been out with it in the rain and found that Lily is still able to control it with relative ease, the only issue coming from when she was going downhill. It’s simply overcome though by one of us guiding the frame via the handlebar. The product also has a great braking system so if Lily felt she needed to, she could easily top the scooter herself and quickly. The braking system works in a similar way to a mike, with a squeeze handle located on the handle bar. It is within easy reach so even the smallest hands could manage it.

As a child, Lily loves it as it is something different that can be taken out with us easily and to such a variety of places. It can go to the park, on family walks, to the shops, on family visits and much more. As a parent, I’d give this the thumbs up. The structure is well designed, it feels safe and has a braking system that is child-friendly. Personally, I will be investing in a helmet and safety pads, purely on the fact that Lily’s confidence has rocketed and has developed a love for speed! As the summer holiday is now well and truly here, this is a great way of entertaining your child especially on trips out with the family!

Don’t forget you can see more of Lily’s adventure with the Fascol Surfing Scooter on our social media pages and the official Fascol pages!

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