Is there an easy way to clean your kid's room?

Our debut guest blogger asks an interesting question: Is there an easy way to clean your kid’s room?

With start of the new school year, more and more parents restart the attempts to teach their kids the importance of keeping clean and neat. There’s just something in this September air that fills all of us, parents, with hopes. We hope that our kid will finally learn how to keep their room spotless, they’ll learn how to be organized, etc.. But we can’t expect our children to learn how to be organized on their own. We must be the ones to teach our kids to keep their rooms clean and tidy. And until we teach them, we’ll have to tidy up ourselves.

Many parents all around the country complain of their inability to clean their kid’s room according to their expectations – it either ended up dirtier the next day, or it took too much time to clean. What too many parents don’t know is that it’s very easy to clean your kid’s room, all you need to do is adopt a few tricks (the tricks will also help you teach your kids to keep their rooms neat).

You’re not just someone who cleans the kid’s room – you gotta become the kid that cleans the room

If you don’t take your kid’s point of view, you could just as well not clean at all. If you arrange your child’s stuff the way that seems logical to you, but not to your kid, they’ll turn the room upside down as soon as you’re done cleaning, as stated by a children’s psychiatrist. If you want all your work to be worth it, you’ll have to take your kid’s point of view. Arrange everything according to their wishes, throw away the stuff you know your kid doesn’t like or doesn’t play with. You should also indulge them in the process.

Put everything in boxes today, you’ll go a long way

According to well-known scientists studying behavioural problems among children and teenagers, organising everything your kid possesses in boxes and labelling them will help prevent issues such as anxiety, nervousness and tiredness – known to be caused by clutter and mess. Indulge your kid in the process. Help your kid organise everything in their room in three big piles – one for items they’ll discard, one for things they want to donate, and a final pile for things they’ll keep. Then help them organise the ‘keep pile’ into boxes. Voila! Perfectly organised room without any effort.

This method helps know your child better and gives great results, as one mother observed – she noticed that her son was unable to part with seven pairs of shoes. “As a result, we now have a special compartment in his wardrobe, designed for his shoes exclusively, and he’s really happy with it.” Another parent who tried the technique noticed that his daughter spend 80 percent less time to tidy up her room. “She knows where everything is supposed to be and doesn’t even need my help to put everything back where it belongs”

Indulge your kid in every part of the process

While you can spend all the time you like cleaning and organising your kid’s room, if you don’t teach them to clean and maintain everything on their own, you won’t succeed in the long run. A mother taught her kids to clean their rooms by reading. She shared she reads her twins a story every time they clean. “If they stop cleaning, I stop reading. Thus, I can teach them that cleaning can be fun and they are really looking forward to the next time they’ll clean their room”. Try it, you’ll be surprised.

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