Learning to write can be fun!

With Lily heading off to school in September, we’re really trying to keep her enthusiasm in learning alive. We try to make it fun and enjoyable so that when she does head off, she’s interested and receptive to it. We were delighted to be sent these fun chalkboard books form Quarto Kids.

Chalkboard Concepts is a range books designed to make learning to write and draw fun. The brilliant bit about them is that because it’s a chalkboard, you can wipe them away easily and try again. In the past, I’ve found traditional learning books difficult because Lily only has one chance to get it right and children need to repeat things to learn them. It’s like when children learn to walk, they can’t do it in one go, they need to keep trying and get steady on their feet first and that’s what these books do, they let your child build their skills from scratch.

We started with the shapes book. I’ve always been a bit concerned as Lily will never sit and draw shapes. She’d rather mimic writing a letter or something similar and I want to encourage her to draw different things through using different shapes. I also like to help her develop her counting skills with shapes e.g. “How many circles are there?” The book has a few shapes and what’s lovely is that they’re different sizes as well. This will help Lily learn to control the pen and her movement more, working those fine motor skills in the processes.

The biggest challenge for us has been letters. Lily can recognise a lot of letters now and can also spell and write her name, but beyond that, she seems really unsure. She’ll happily write her name but ask her to copy anything else and she shuts off. These books have helped us start to overcome that. She’s still hesitant, but at least now, she will write over the outlines of the letters. I think where the book shows her the outline, she has an idea of what she needs to do, but seems to struggle sometimes translating that to a more independent approach. I also think these books could be great tools for those who want to try home schooling their children or want to help encourage their children at home outside of normal nursery/ school hours.

These books also help encourage learning in other areas. The numbers book as a short quiz at the end that involves counting, then writing the answer. This gets your child thinking about what they’ve learnt in the book previously and to make that connection between what they’ve counted and how to display that in writing. We were really impressed when Lily was able to count up the balloons then write the correct number in the space provided. Before should would count easily, but showed no interest in writing an answer.

The only downside I have to these is more of a practical one and that’s the chalks themselves. It would be great if they mimicked the style of a pencil, so had more of a point at the end for ease. I also think by doing that, it can help develop the correct way to hold a pencil and just get those skills into practice before school.

I found myself getting crafty with Lily’s to try and get this style. Other than that, I really love this range! They’re great to take with you to visit people, mini breaks and more. We took one book along with us to lunch with my dad and it was something that everyone could get involved in which I loved, I’m a big fan of anything that aims to bring the family together.

You can order your copies now online via Amazon UK from only £7.99! To order, Click Here

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