Baby Faced Mums: Week 7

We see Abby waiting for her all important college results. Hoping to go to university, Abby talks about the struggles of being a parent student. She also talks about the pressure of that situation, trying to do a two-year course in just one so that she can go to university sooner. It was so nice to see her receive the grades she needed and wanted to go on to university and I personally wish her all the luck in the world!

Abby fell pregnant at just 15 with her bouncy baby boy Xander. She talked about the transition between teenager to mum in what feels like a split second. She also talk bout how she walks down the street and sees teenagers doing things which make her think “oh don’t do that” or “it’s not worth it” and so on, how you just become a mum about everything.

Week seven is here everyone! I'm really excited about the as I thought this was a six-part series. More Baby Faced Mums is perfect for me! I love it. I love how not only has it shown the great British public what being a young mum is about, but that I've made some new friends and had some great conversations with people as a result of the show.

Maddy and her partner David planned their beautiful son. Despite the age gap, they are truly in love and have a really fun, loveable relationships. Before failing pregnant, Maddy was an aspiring teen model even becoming teen beauty of Lancashire 2014.

During her pregnancy, Maddy develops gestational diabetes. This develops for some women when pregnant and goes after you’ve had your baby. It can be controlled through diet management, but for Maddy, this didn’t happen. After being prescribed insulin, it was decided by her doctor that her baby should be induced early at 38 weeks. This was seen as the safest option not only for the baby, but for Maddy as well.

After thinking about the different outcomes of gestational diabetes and initially being worried, Maddy came to realise that her baby arriving two weeks early was the best thing at that she’ll get that wished for cuddle with him sooner than she hoped!

“Nothing prepares you for the emotional side of it”. Lauren nailed it perfectly. She’s right, nothing can. Lauren was someone who I felt a connection to when she shared her story about post natal depression. After suffering myself, I k now just how tough it can be. We see her after her visit to her counsellor and she talks about how much it helps.

She has written a diary of the experience and the rest of her pregnancy so that when her son is older and asks questions, she be able to show him, hoping that he will understand why she thought what she was doing was the best choice and why she changed her mind. I was in tears and hoped that when Lily is older and asks questions about becoming a young mums and the struggles that come with it, I can be as open and honest.

Lauren and her husband Duncan married after 10 months seeing each other. They bender planned on becoming parents so early into their married life, but were over the moon when little Evie came into their lives. Although she does talk about how having your baby in the room next door does put a halt on the romantic side of your relationship.

Lauren talked about how Evie changed her perspective on life and that she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out. She loves that she gets to spend that time and make memories with Evie something which is better than any night out!

Her PND was due to how the reality of being a mum hit her in the face and that her usual support network was gone as she had moved house. I was the same and wanted to just agree and tell her she wasn’t alone. Before Lily was born, I had moved house and was alone a lot with her after she was born and it really is a shock to the system.

After telling her mum she was somewhere else, Abby headed to the clinic. She took the first tablet of the process and then realised that this wasn’t what she wanted and that she wanted to keep her baby. Abby had an extraordinary outcome and luck. After heading for a scan, it was discovered that Xander was alive and well and that Abby could have her baby.

She also took us through her emotional pregnancy story. After her relationship with Xander’s father broken down, Abby felt alone. She was too scared to tell her mum about the pregnancy and thought the only option she had, was to have a termination.

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