Our First School Meeting

We have had out first meeting at Lily's Primary School. I thought I'd write this blog in two parts; before the meeting and after the meeting...


It's Monday evening, the meeting is Thursday evening. I'm nervous but not about the meeting in general, more what they think about us! I don;t want to to create an impression which leaves them thinking "Oh no, Mrs Pearson's here, what does she want". I think I'd die of embarrasment if that happened.

On the other hand, I have so many questions for them. The letter we had mentioned there would be a talk, a more extensive tour of the school and their facilities and the important part of meeting Lily's teacher. I want to know things like how much time they get on each subject? What happens if she falls behind, what will happen if she needs a little push, all of it!

I’m also just want to know about everything they do in those first few weeks. We had a letter through about how in the first week they do half days and then their teacher will come and visit them at home one afternoon. I’m not sure exactly what will happen during that time but it would be good if we could prepare a little. I’m not very good with not knowing. I like to know what expect and have a schedule.

The other big question is what are their before & after school facilities like in more detail. We’re both working parents and need to have something available. We know the school run clubs, it’s just finding out any costs associated with them that we need to prepare for.


I've had some time to sit a think back on the meeting. It was an eye opening experience but a positive one. Lily's teacher was really lovely and went through how their first week will be structured and we organised a date for her to come round a visit Lily at home and see how she is in an environment she's familiar with.

We're really excited though about her settle sessions! Lily's school have them visit for an hour and half once a week for a month starting next week! It's a great way for the class to get to know each other and will hopefully mean it feels a bit more familiar come September. I'm excited as the last one is a Teddy Bear's picnic and the parents get to go too. Now sure which teddy I'll be taking yet though...it's a serious decision to make! It'll also be good to work out what the other parents are like and get to see how Lily has been with the other children.

We did come home with a mountain of paperwork though and I'm pleased to say we have reached a parenting milestone. The first school letter is pinned to fridge in the hope we don't forget anything! There's consent forms for having photos taken and if we're okay with them to be shared (I share photos on here so I don't have a problem with the school taking them), we've had to do an emergency contact list and prioritise what order they contact people in. It feels so stressful! There's so much to consider with that such as who is most likely to be able to pick her up if Matt and I can't, who can get there the quickest and most of all who we trust! Right now at Lily's nursery, people picking up your child have to provide a password to prove that they have permission as it's something only Matt and I can tell them. We also usually supply a picture so they know visually who they are. I didn't see anything like this on the school forms so I think that's going to be next question when we visit next.

Me being me, there is also the area of making sure we're prepared! I love to organise and be ready. I enjoy stationary shopping (I know it's so sad) and I love getting ready for the first day of anthing! I've been over the uniform list a million times and added notes as to how many of each item we'll need and what time to buy it. (shoes nearer the time so she doesn't outgrow them over the summer) and also what she wasn't to do about lunch! She was packed lunch so a luchbox will have to be added to that list!

We've definitley picked the right school for Lily. Her teacher is lovely and has a lot of different ways to help them if and when they need it. It's comforting to know that they'll support her continuously.

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