Sweet Pup Review

Sweet Pups are one of the popular toys of the summer this year! Their treat like appearance disguise the true cutie hidden inside.

We were so excited to be given one for Lily to try. She’s getting to an age where adverts really stick in her mind and she’s aware of what toys “all the cool kids have”.

So what are Sweet Pups?

Sweet pups are soft animal toys which are hidden within a sweet treat disguise. For example Lily’s came as a Macaroon. You simply pull the Velcro apart and turn it inside out to find your secret friend.

What I really like is the size. Lily is currently overwhelmed with huge toys which seem to come with a million extra accessories. The Sweet Pup is one, singular toy which fits neatly into one hand. It’s also incredibly soft to touch. As an aspiring pet, lily has loved taking care of it and it’s flexibility helps a lot.

Messing around with Lily and looking at the various pups you can collect, they reminded me a lot of the Teenie Beanie toys that we had when I was little. They're a smiliar size and they're all designed to have tehir own little personalities and style. Pretty Poodle looks sweet and soft (just like a macaroon) and it all fits together brilliantly.

But how much is it? That’s what we all want to know as that’s normally the deciding factor with children’s toys. Well, you can get your very own Sweet Pup from Amazon for only £7.99 (other reatailers offer different pricing). Considering the vast majority of children’s toys cost over £20, I’m happy to pay this.

Lily has loved, cared for and had so much fun with hers that every penny is well spent. It also means that parents on a budget can also buy them which I think is really important.

Each year the Christmas most wnated list features toys with soaring prices and I know that as young parents, we can sometimes feel priced out of treating our children....not anymore!

Another questions some parents have asked is are there any small parts that could be a chocking hazard. The answer is no and that's why I like them. The pup is all one toy and folds in to create the sweet treat. As well as lowering any chocking hazard, it also reduces that chance of losing parts. I HATE spending large amounts of money on toys which come in a thousand pieces only for several to go missing after the first use rendering it useless! This is the same for the whole range.

It’s one of those small, soft toys I know she’ll always keep. A bit like myself and my (now 24 year old) Puffalump doll!

Don’t forget though, there’s 12 to collect making them ideal for Birthdays and Christmas 2018!

Buy your Sweet Pup today!

Amazon - Click Here

Claire's - Click Here

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