First two weeks of school!

So Lily has completed her first two weeks of primary school! She's happy there and loving it and it's a relief.

She's been fantastic. We haven't had a single tear, confidence knock or tantrum about going, she's just happily skipped in since day one and wanted to play and interact with the other students, even the year 6 girls! It's wonderful as it's meant we've also had no worries about sending her.

On day one, she was up early and all she wanted to do was put her uniform on. Lily has expressed an interest in going to school for a couple of years now and will regularly make a classroom at home and find something to act as a uniform. The excitement was there and she physically couldn't wait any longer. I don't think anyone has ever got themselves dressed for school so quickly!

We've also had our home visit from Lily's teacher. We (and by we I mean mainly myself) cleaned and tidied like maniacs before she came as I felt like we would be judged in some way. Obviously we weren't and it was silly to think that, but I'm sure we aren't the only ones who have done it.

It was a fantastic opportunity for Lily to talk more about school with her teacher and for her to give us some updates on how Lily has been doing. It was nice to hear that she's been happy and settling well. I know I worried as a lot of people told me "they're completely different in school than they are at home", but her teacher described the same clever, confident and slight bossy girl that we love. Lily gave her teacher the full tour of her bedroom pointing out every toy, teddy and dressing up outfit. I loved how happy she was to interact with the teacher. I'm big believer that the reception teacher relationship is an important one. It’s your child's first experience of formal learning and they need to be able to trust the person teaching them and be happy to go to them if they're upset or worried about anything during the school day.

If your school does home visits, remember it's also an opportunity for you as parents to ask any questions or to highlight any concerns. Sometimes it can be hard to ask personal questions about your child in a room full of other parents, so take this time to get all the information you want from the teacher. Don't worry though if you don't have any questions right then, you can always email them later and they'll be opportunities such as parent’s evening to bring up any concerns.

One things I'm rubbish at though is packed lunches. I know she can get a hot school dinner for free at her age, but I didn't want that for a few reasons:

  1. Lily prefers sandwiches at lunch any way

  2. She normally only has one big, main hot meal a day and that's dinner time

  3. Dinner time at home is one of the few times we're all together and she loves helping us cook!

I really didn't want to miss out on cooking with her and eating dinner with her and right now, it's something we're all happy with. She loves going into school with her unicorn lunchbox (she loves unicorns) with it's matching water bottle. She also hasn't expressed any interest in the school dinners she's seen her classmates eat either. I am trying to find the right balance though as ot how much she eats and the best things to put in. We've already had one early morning panic run to the shop as we ran out bread and I'm keen not to get up that early again.

We've also made sure she has everything she needs with her. Her school backpack has her hat and gloves, but also a Mifold car seat. It's excellent for when someone else needs to pick your child up at short notice as it means you don't have to worry about getting a car seat out of your car or if they can borrow one quick enough. I highly recommend it to anyone with a child at school who needs one. They're simple to use to the point where Lily can easily explain how to use it and strap herself in it alone (we always double check before setting off of course!).

The lovely part though is seeing that she's made some lovely friends. I met my best friend when I started primary school and we're still best friends now many, many years later and she moved so far away! It seems so odd now that one of our children is at school and it'll only be a few years before her child starts. We've also met a lot of the parents now. As they only have one class per year group, there aren't really that many other parents compared to larger school with three large classes per year group.

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