My pregnancy diary: 20 weeks

We’ve got to the halfway stage! It feels like it’s come around a lot quicker this time. I think it’s because this time we have Lily and work to distract from the looming countdown!

Exciting news though recently. We’ll be visiting The Baby Show at London Olympia on October 20th. We’ve been to the show once before when Lily was just over a year old so it’ll be different to experience it while expecting. It's also a great adventure as I'm going with my sister-in-law instead of Matt. Shopping for baby things is sometimes more fun with other pregnant people plus he came with me last time!

This time we’re looking to do a few things differently so the expert talks will be really useful and the discounts when shopping are always fabulous. I'm hoping to get to the Tommee Tippee stand and Joie stand as we're interested in a few of their products.


With The Baby Show coming up, I'm definitely on the hunt for some good discounts! We don't need to buy any of the big items again, just a new car seat (I'm not a fan of using second hand car seats) and now that I know more about car safety and the benefits of extended rear facing, I'm looking for a seat that will work towards those requirements. At the moment, the Joie Steadi is my favourite! I'm also looking for a complete breastfeeding kit rather than buying everything individually. I prefer to buy complete sets or from the same brand as you know that they items work well with each other and are designed to work as a group.

I'm currently torn between the Tommee Tippee: Express and go set or to go with the Hegen brand (though I would need to find a pump from another brand which is my only down point to it!)

Midwife Catch Up

Second time around, you seem to have less appointments with your midwife. I don't think it's a bad thing as you can always get in touch for an appointment if you're worried about anything. but there seems to be such a big jump between appointments! You feel the process is moving quicker as the contact time is spread out more. I've recently met our new midwife. As we live in a rural area, we have two ladies that work with all the women under their care so you get to know both throughout your pregnancy. I think it's a great idea as there isn't just one midwife that knows you, you have two people who have tracked your pregnancy and can monitor you. I'm not sure how this works if you live in a large city, but I know I enjoy knowing I'll only every see one of these two at each appointment, not a random midwife each time.

We've also moved on to the point where they check a lot more elements. Once you're past 16 or so weeks, they'll also listen to your baby's heartbeat as part of the routine checks. They'll also start asking you about movements and how to monitor them. You also be told that if you feel any changes in movement, get in touch with them. It's very important that if you notice any changes, you contact your midwife or local pregnancy unit. They'd rather check you over and everything was fine than you sat at home and something bad happened.


This was a pain in the a**e! Although they're healthy and okay, the baby was laying in the completely wrong position for the sonographer to do most of the measurements needed. Not a disaster, but I do have to go back to have them completed which means having to organise more time of work. I know we're entitled to it, but I feel like such an inconvenience asking and where my boss is so nice, it kind of makes it worse! Hopefully next time will go better, plus it's an extra scan that you don't normally get.

It was great though to see so much detail. I'd forgotten what a jump it is between the 12 week scan and the 20 week one. The first one, you're kid of just starting at a blob that looks like one of those alien baby toys whereas now, you can see the spine clearly which is fabulous! You can see all the little bones and follow it round to see the rest of the baby.

Look out for our blogs from The Baby Show over the next few weeks!

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