The Baby Show 2018!

It came, it saw and it absolutely conquered London's Olympia over the weekend! The Baby Show is one of the most exciting events to attend while pregnant whether you're a first time parent or not! This year, the show had exhibitors expert talks from a range of focus points including breastfeeding, child' safety, first aid and travel.

This week, I'm looking back on some of my favourite things from this years Olympia show!

Made for Mums: Buggy Test Track

Buying your pram is one of the biggest decision as a first time parent. We all need different things from our pram depending on where we live, our hobbies and also, physical strength! For example, I live in a city so I love that my Joie Chrome is easy to manoeuvre, simple to fold and has a huge basket for shopping! It's also light which means I can easily lift it in and out of the car and in the past, I've easily got on a bus with it.

My sister-in-law and I took a visit to the test track to try out a few options that she and her husband have shortlisted for their first child in the new year and it was a great experience. Their needs in a pram are completely different to us. They need something that will survive the muddy dog walks and she was really interested in the carrycots approved for overnight sleeping. They live quite a distance from our side of the family and not having to drag a travel cot around for a while at least would be amazing!

She tried our both the Silver Cross Pioneer and the Uppababy Vista, both with good reviews and popular amongst new parents. It was interesting to learn that the Uppababy carrycot is approved for overnight sleeping (as mentioned earlier) and I was surprised at how easy it was to maneuver. You can also have it free standing while folded.


I'm a big Joie product fan! I have a Joie Chrome from 2014 which I plan on using again this time around. One thing I didn't have before was the carrycot. I used to just leave Lily in her infant seat attached to it. Now ofcourse, I know that you should avoid doing that as much as possible which is why I'm keen to get a carrycot.

Since I purchased my pram, the Joie Chrome has had an update and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to find a compatible one. Heading to the Joie stand, you can be confident in getting your questions answered, the team are superb! They have been at every show. It was great to be reassured that the new carrycot would still fit on my older model.

It was also a great chance to ask them about car seats. If you ready our 20 week update, you'll know that we're really keen on purchasing the Joie Steadi. Extended rear facing is something I've looked into as well as the importance of good side impact protection. The Joie team were able to show me how the recline works on their seats and the extra side impact features. It was also good to see just how good the recline is! It's something that's quite hard to gage from a photo online.

As a fan of their brand, it was nice to see what has changed and the new products available. When I first came across them, I only really knew about their prams, car seats and high chairs (I had all three from Joie) whereas now, they offer much more from travel cots to baby swing chairs.

Belly Bandit & Hegen

This was the stand I went to the show for.

I'm a regular viewer of the Real Housewives and I saw that Meghan King Edmonds from the OC used a Belly Bandit after the birth of her twins earlier this year and became really interested in their products.

They work by offering the body more support post birth and help you get back into shape. At the moment, they offer the belly wraps but also support leggings. The belly wraps come in a range of designs can be discreetly worn underneath your clothes day to day. The part I love is that they can be used from day one! I've seen similar products that suggest waiting before using anything like this, but the belly bandit can be used immediately. They also have specially designed briefs to help after you've had a caesarean sections so if that's something you know you'll be having, take a look at them on the Belly bandit website.

On this stand was also a brand I discovered only a matter of months ago, Hegen. It's a brand that is modernising breastfeeding for the 21st century woman. There's so much pressure on women to breastfeed and as someone who bottle fed their first, I find the prospect daunting. With Lily, I liked that as a couple, we could share that responsibility plus I think being able to feed their own child is important for father's when it comes to bonding. It will also mean that Lily can take part in feeding. She's 5 years old now and I think her bonding with the baby needs to be just as important as us bonding as parents.

The Hegen range is incredible! You have one bottle which you can express directly into and store your milk. When it comes to feeding, you simply attach a head with a teet and off you go. None of this transfering from a bag to bottle or having to keep buying milk pouches every week. You get the benefits of breastfeeding with the convenience of bottles.

I'm also in love with the fact that it gives women their independence back quicker. We're going away at the end of March, at which point our baby will be barley a month old. With Hegen, I'd be able to leave enough milk behind plus, it's an easy product to use for those caring for our children. It gives parents the peace of mind to know that milk won't be spilt or wasted while away. I'd hate to just use pouches and get a call saying the bag had split, or pouring into the bottle hadn't worked.


Walking past the SkipHop stand, I recognised quite a few of the products. Ventured on to have a look and ended up buying one of their stroller organisers! There products are very bright and colourful but also offer more plain options for those who prefer. The stroller organiser is designed to secure onto the handle of your pram and provides storage for your drink, phone etc. for easy access. It also features a removable zip purse with headphone slot, something I liked as it means I try and get out and walk as much as possible!

When shopping with Lily, I used to get in such a mess trying to find my purse and phone as well as trying to hold a cup of coffee and direct the pram! The organiser just allows you to have all of these things conveniently nearby while giving you your hands back! At the show this only cost £17.00 but the normal RRP is still only £18.79. It's great value for such a brilliant accessory and I purchased one in a white & pale grey zigzag theme.

They also had a lot of bath time products on display, especially toys! Their bright colours were fabulous and really brought the stand to life. Bath time is a great time for children and water safe toys really help make that time even more adventurous.

Their next show is taking place at the at the ExCel in London from March 1 - 3 2019. Sign up for ticket notifications today on their website!

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