My pregnancy diary: 33 weeks

Finally into single digit weeks on our countdown! I'll admit that I'm done with it all now and feeling very happy in the knowledge that this will be our last child and I won't have to do it again! I've had a trip to the hospital, more blood tests and it just makes the last bit even more draining than it already is.

Where to start! Christmas was an interesting break! I, surprisingly was not a wiped out as I thought I may have been. I still was, just not as much! It was also good to take some time to do things with Lily as the three of us before it all changes. We spent a lot of time doing crafts and watching movies together and it was fantastic!

We did have one scary trip to hospital though. I had one day where I was just convinced baby wasn't moving enough so went to get checked out. I have an anterior placenta (like I did with Lily) and just like before, I've gone through periods of time where it masks baby's movements. I never assume this is the reason though. I know the moment I start doing that, it won't be the reason and I'm not sure I could live with the consequences of that. It's never a nice journey to make, you sit in the car thinking the worst and then have to try and snap yourself out of it. I'm relieved everything was fine, but it has made me slightly paranoid about it all. The slightest little gap in movements and I panic and I think it's starting to drive everyone else insane!

On a nicer note, we're now sorted! We have everything we need now and it's a nice feeling to know nothing major needs doing, all that's needed is to put some fresh sheets on her bed and carrycot when the time comes. Morrisons (and other supermarkets) have one of their annual baby events on so we've managed to stock up on some nappies and wipes for the first few weeks and for my emergency bag.

I've packed a small emergency bag just in case we have to go to hospital in the end. It has enough in it for a couple of days. When I had Lily, the midwife gave me a huge list of things to take, enough to last about a week! We never used half of it as, like most others, was there barley 24 hours. This time, if we do need to go, we have the bare essentials and if we need anything else, it can easily be brought in from home. I think a lot of people overpack their hospital bag as they think themselves or their partner can't ever go home until the baby does which is silly. We now also have a steriliser for when we go away and the baby will need to be fed via bottle. My sister and her boyfriend gave us a Mothercare voucher for Christmas which helped us pay for the Milton 3-in-1 steriliser, bottle warmer and food warmer. It's brilliant as it does everything and will hopefully make things easier for my mum when she comes to babysit in March!

I also now only have a few weeks left at work. I'm still not entirely happy about leaving, even though I know when I'm going back. I enjoy my job and I feel like I'm missing out by not being there. I also feel like I'm not really contributing to anything which I know is silly, but I like feeling useful not only at work, but also at home. The nice thing is a friend of mine is having her baby a few weeks before me so at least we'll be off work at the same time and her daughter and Lily are already friends from growing up together at nursery.

The last thing I'm waiting for now is my last scan date. I'm not sure about the rest of the country but in Kent, you now get another scan at 36 weeks (if your baby hasn't arrived yet) which will be a good way to start my leave. We also have our home visit from the midwife in a few weeks to go over everything we need to have ready at home, what we may find useful and what the midwife will bring with ehr on the day.

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