Back to the start!

She's here! Our beautiful baby has finally arrived and we're finding ourselves back at the parenting start line after 5 and half years of being Lily's mum and dad. It's all new again and I find myself worrying about the exact same things but I guess it's just part of the whole experience.

Our baby finally arrived after a complete 180 degree change of plan. We arranged a home birth, but after a late scan found her to be measuring big, we were offered an induction at term and I am so glad that we accepted it.

After 16 hours, the induction worked and around 4 hours later, we finally had our baby after a bit of drama. Everything went well, but she really was a bigger baby and was not going to arrive easily and we were taken of for an emergency section. I have to say it's one of the most surreal, scary, hazy experiences of my life. Our daughter Cecily arrived safely, all 9lb of her!

Even after all the homebirth planning, I'm just happy she's here and okay. The first 24 hours were a mixed bag of emotions both from the hormones going everywhere and the drugs. For a while I really sat and had to process what had just happened. The section happened so quick once decided upon that it was difficult to really take some of it in at the time. I just focused on being able to remember her being born (which I do). The rest, I've let filter back in over the days.

It's also a completely different recovery process. The first day you're bed bound. I had quite a lot of drugs to numb me and you have to just wait for it to wear off and with the stitching to your tummy, can't lift anything. You really have to rely on those around you to help with the baby, even just picking them up and putting them down. From then on, it's about trying to get your movement back and managing the pain.

You have to approach it as yes, it's birth recovery, but it's also major surgery recovery too. This means no driving for 6 weeks which is a major inconvenience but it's needed for recovery and isn't forever. I'll just have to enjoy being chauffeured around for a while and get back on the good old bus if needed.

There is also more to do at home. I need regular injections everyday for the first 8 days at home which Matt has to do as I can't bring myself to do it, I have a range of pain killers to continue managing the scar pain and iron tablets to help sort out my anemia. It's a lot to remember on top of the broken nights, school run and baby care. I also have to be careful with what I lift and do physically so as not to injur the area around the stitches and to also make sure it's kept clean to avoid any infection.


This has also not gone quite to plan. I wanted to breastfeed but as she's a big baby, I just couldn't keep up. It's like she thought it was an all you can eat buffet and it really wasn't. We've switched to formula feeding like we did with Lily. I'm less stressed, we know she's feeding well and Matt can now take some of the strain which is really nice.

We're lucky that we had the Hegen feeding set as this switches easily between breastfeeding aids to formula bottles that we didn't need to suddenly invest in equipment we hadn't planned on. It was all just there already.

Adjusting big sister

I'll write a separate post for this as it’s something that is a long process, but so far, Lily is doing well with adjusting to being a big sister.

It's been just her and us for 5 and half years and that's a long time. I was worried she'd reject Cecily but if anything it's the opposite (so far). At the moment, she doesn't really like leaving the baby and was so excited for us to meet her from school. Hopefully this continues but, it's week 1 and I'm sure we'll have moments where it isn't so great.

It's been an odd yet wonderful week getting home and being altogether. Hopefully we can find a new normal and routine soon.

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