Two weeks old

We've survived two weeks as a family of four! It's had its high and low moments but we're starting to settle more now.

Sibling love

Lily is besotted with Cecily. I'm still waiting for the novelty to wear off and for there to be some problem as I feel we've had it extremely easy so far and that we've been led into a false sense of security. She's also been incredibly helpful! She's taken nappies to the bin, kept her room cleaner than normal and actively asks to be involved with things like feeding. The best part was when Lily asked for skin-to-skin time with Cecily.

Cecily loves to lay close to you on your chest and after a bath, Matt had been doing skin-to-skin with her for a range of reasons and Lily had seen this. She asked if she could do it to and it was wonderful. She really seemed to enjoy it and it felt great to have her involved. It's something that we mainly associate with mum, as something done after birth and that's it, but it has proved to be a great tool in them bonding together and involving Lily.

The hardest thing is making sure Lily has some time with us without Cecily. I think it's vital that she still gets that time, but it's hard. I'm looking forward to her dance festival this weekend and the next as we aren't taking Cecily with us and can just focus on Lily and what she's doing without any distractions.

Feeding & Health

Cecily still lost a bot of weight. We then started feeding her more and every 2-3 hours rather than 3-4. It seems to suit her better even if feeding her every couple of hours is draining on us. The more she has the longer she'll go between feeds but for now, this is the way that's working so we may as well stick with it. I'm hoping that over the next few weeks, she starts to take more and the gap between feeds isn't as demanding. A few people have also suggested that we should try her on hungry baby formula. It's not something I used with Lily so unsure whether it would make any difference at all.

We've been using the Hegen bottles which are fabulous. They've been easy to travel with thanks to their click storage solution and being square in shape, they've felt more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. The asymmetrical teat is designed to minimise confusion between bottle and breast which in the earlier days was great for us. The teat also feature an anti-colic air vent system which we've found has worked. With Lily we used normal bottles without any colic prevention system and found we had many issues with it.

Cecily's belly button is also starting to heal. I hate it when the cord comes off as it looks so gross and painful I can't help but feel sorry for them. I was a bit worried at first the Cecily's was infected but after getting it looked at and sending the obligatory photo to my mum we found out it was actually okay and just taking a bit longer to heal.

Getting out and other things...

I've alps managed to get out a lot more. I thought not being able to drive would mean I was stuck at home, but we've had a couple of shopping trips into town and I managed a solo outing on the bus. The most amazing thing was finding out you can use card on our bus now! Revolutionary when you live in a village.

We've also been out to Lily's parents evening which was fabulous! She's doing so well and it was nice to hear that she's still been behaving since Cecily arrived. I was really worried that her behaviour in general would change a bit with the adjustments but her teacher said she's been fine. She also said that she's had a great time telling her about Cecily and how she helps at home.

Lily also had dress up day for World Book Day! She decided to go as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She took her little basket with dog in and showed off her new red shoes as ruby slippers. On top of that, she had the first day of her latest dance festival. It was her first time performing in a group routine and I think it was a good thing for her to do. She's learnt a lot more about working as a team and about committing to something and sticking to it. It's important for her to learn these things as she had started to become a little too competitive and I think being part of team helped that to not takeover. This weekend she has her two solo dances and I'm hoping she enjoys it all again.

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