3 weeks old

3 weeks in and we're getting used to out new normal, I've been to a new baby group (massive step for me) and I'm loving the Mush and Hoop apps!

Getting social!

One of the biggest goals I set myself was to get out to baby groups with Cecily. I found this a big challenge with Lily, not only practically (no car and little money for the bus) but also found it sent my anxiety levels through the roof. I want to get out to them to meet other mums and get that time to play with Cecily and talk to other parents with children of similar ages about mum life in general.

A friends of mine suggested an app called Mush to start meeting new mums. The way she described it was perfect; a Facebook specifically for mums. It allows you to search for other mums in your local area with children the same age as your own. It's great! In a couple of days I found some new people to talk to and went along to a local baby group with one of them. She was really lovely and so were the other mums there. It was such a positive experience that I'm actually looking forward to going again!

Another mum there suggested trying the Hoop app. This app allows you to search for local baby groups, children's activities and classes. So far it's been great and I've found a couple of things I may go along to. It's nice to see that there are options available. When Lily was born, our local children's centre was open a lot more and offered more services, but in the last 5 years, these services have been dramatically reduced and it's sad to see. Our centre provided a lot of support for me in eventually getting out with Lily to helping me attend a local PND support group. They were so supportive they even gave me the money each week to afford the bus there an back. Even though I don't need that this time, it makes me upset and angry to think there are other mums and dads out there that would really benefit from that kind of support, care and friendship.

Health & Development

Cecily continues to be a big baby already weighing 10lb 10oz. She's still throwing up the odd part of her feed but after visiting the walk in health visitor clinic, they said she's well and putting on weight so can't see a problem. The last bit of her belly button has finally cleaned up also. It looks less sore and less annoying for her.

We have our six week check up soon, finally getting the letter about it this week. I hated this with Lily. It really put me on edge and felt like the doctor was looking for a reason to tell me I'd messed up. Looking back, it was probably one of the first signs I had depression so I'm really hoping this time will be a more positive experience.

Another great thing is that Cecily is now more awake in the day at various points. We now have a play gym and Blossom Farm tummy time roller and they've been great for entertaining her. Cecily's eyes are becoming more focused and you can see her starting to follow things more, especially lights. She seems quite nosy and will have a good go at lifting her head to have a look around the room.

Night away

The biggest step for me though has been leaving both girls with my mum overnight. We had a night away booked at Hever Castle for my birthday and still really wanted to go. A lot of people have given those judgement looks of "how can you leave your baby so soon" but in all honesty, I'm glad we did.

We got to sleep, relax and just recharge our own batteries which in the longterm, is better for all of us. Lily and Cecily also got the chance to spend time with my mum and Lily always loves that. They eat endless amount of food and both laugh so much.

If my mum hadn't of stayed with them I wouldn't have gone. I don't think I'd have been as okay with it if it was anyone else. When you leave your children with someone, you should be able to enjoy yourself and know they're okay. If you can't do that then you've left them with the wrong person as there is a part of you that clearly doesn't trust them.

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