One Month Old!

We've reached the month milestone! It feels like a real achievement to have made it through a whole month with a newborn. Four weeks functioning on little sleep, adjusting to drinking cold coffee again and getting used to changing your clothes four times a day as you're covered in baby 'fluids'.

In all seriousness, it's been an amazing month. Not only having Cecily with us, but watching Lily in her dance competition, going away for my birthday and just enjoying being together.

We're at the point now though where that newborn bubble has to burst. Matt is working more and more, I'll be able to drive again soon and we have to get back to our own jobs.

I'm looking forward to taking Lily to school and ballet again by myself. She has her end of term church service next week and she's been telling me all about a song her class will be performing. They also have class awards each week and one for the term and she's so desperate to get something. It's lovely to see her want something so much, but at the same time, we have to make sure she isn't a bad loser when she doesn't get things. That's quite hard when your husband is the most competitive person the world has ever known.

She's also taking part in a swimming intensive course during the Easter holiday. She needs to do it, she wants to do it and it's something to occupy her. It will also mean that when we go swimming, she'll be able to do more herself and will help me feel a little more confident in taking them both swimming together.

As for Cecily, we have our health visitor check up and six week check with the GP during the holidays. My health visitor is lovely so I'm not nervous about that, but the six week check I'm dreading. We'll also have to get her jabs booked in soon. With Lily that was nerve wracking but this time, it's just another thing that needs doing. You also know it'll be over in a heartbeat. It's also a good chance to ask any questions. So far I don't have many but I know on the day the poor person will be blown away as I reel them off suddenly. I don't know if it's any different when you've had a section. I've assumed they'll want to check my scar is still healing okay and (hopefully) give me the go ahead to drive again! As I said last week, it was a point with Lily where I realised I had depression and should have said something which is why I don't want anything missed this time.

We also took Cecily on her longest car journey this week to Essex. I think we all know I'm a car seat safety freak and I'm always very aware if the girls have been in the car seat too long and need a break. The journey had to be done as there was a funeral I wanted to attend. It was a tight time schedule and the thought of her just being in the car seat all day set my anxiety off. I don't think I've ever had the music in the car so low, I just needed to be able to hear her breathe to calm my own nerves.

We also had Mother's Day here in the UK!

I love Mother's Day. I love treating my own mum and I like being treated myself now. This year, I bought my mum a tea and coffee gift set from Fortnum & Mason. It's somewhere she likes and she deserved a treat after babysitting a 4 week old baby and 5 year old sass queen.

I told Matt not to buy much for me. It was my birthday last week so had already had a load of gifts from the Lily and Cecily. I ended up with a bottle of my favourite prosecco and a box of chocolate. I spent the evening enjoying them while watching the new series of Victoria.

As well as Mother's Day, Lily and I have been learning about more fabulous women. Her aunt sent her a book called 'Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls' which has been amazing! Written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, the book has 100 stories of inspirational, intelligent and amazing women from Coco Chanel to Emmeline Pankhurst. The topic of powerful women has been an ongoing one for Lily and I. I did a lot of things with her last year (reading books, watching tv shows and more) as part of the #Vote100 celebrations. It seemed like a great time to introduce her to these women. She also has a lot of 'Little People, Big Dreams' book series. She loves Amelia Earhart's story and thanks to her new science kit, she has new found love for Marie Curie! It's a series of books I'll be keeping for when Cecily is older. The books are published by our friends at Quarto Kids and can be published via their website.

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