Christmas Decoration Trends for 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Over the last few years, the want for the Pinterest perfect Christmas has increased. We all want to give our families the photogenic Christmas and enjoy the magic of seasonal decorations. November is here, social media has countdowns to the big day but the big question is what are 2019's hot decorating trends?

Thanks to the team behind the Spirit of Christmas Fair, we're going to take you through a quick crash-course guide in what's in for 2019!

Sustainable Christmas

We all know the world is in a state of climate emergency. We're all trying to become more aware and more careful with what we use and dispose off, especially single use plastic and this year, making sure we waste less is an important Christmas feature.

This year, buying top quality gifts and stocking fillers that can be re-used year after year is going to be popular. Handcrafted decorations produced from sustainably sourced wood, uses natural dyes and finished with natural lac will adorn Christmas trees up and own the UK.

If you're looking for ethical, sustainable Christmas decorations then you must take a look at the Christmas treats available through Ethiqana. They work via three main principals;

  • Ensure that our products are sourced ethically following Fair Trade values.

  • Support economic development, especially of women, through sustainable livelihoods.

  • Promote easy eco-friendly living for a sustainable lifestyle

You can view their Christmas range by clicking HERE

If you're looking to shop British this Christmas then the Nancy & Betty Studio is one for you. Their products are all made from recycled materials and use vegetable based printing dyes. Find them today at

Go Bespoke

Another hot trend that is also on the rise is bespoke decorations. personalised tree ornaments are really popular right now, especially family orientated ones. We have a few ourselves. We have a special bauble that my mum bought for Lily's first Christmas and I also have some special ballerina's from my dancing days. I also have an Anne Boleyn and Queen Victoria on our tree as I love history.

I love them as I think it makes our tree more personal to our family and I enjoy the story behind each one.

When looking for personalised things for children, my first place to go to is My 1st Years. Their products are wonderful and are always high quality in finish. This year, their Christmas range includes a range of tree decorations, stockings, toy sacks and much more!


I don't think wreaths will ever go out of fashion. They're the Christmas staple that is here to stay. They give your home a real festive welcome and I love walking around and seeing all the different ones on each front door. I think they give you a little glimpse into the people who live there.

This year, forest green wreaths created from natural materials is the thing everyone wants. natural wreaths featuring wooden leaves, pinecones, berry and mistletoe decorations and incredibly popular and also elegant in style and design.

Firewood Features

If your house has an open fire then make it your key Christmas feature. Make a display out of it with an elegant log holder, statement box or even a festive fireplace garland. A fireplace immediately stands out when entering a room so make use of it! You can find a range of design ideas on Pinterest.

Using deeper shades of red adds a new twist to traditional colour schemes

Bold & Beautiful

Deep colours are the pallet of choice for the 2019 festive season, so dark navy blues and rich burgundies may seem a little dark for a joyful time of year, but they're classic shades that partner well with the more traditional green and gold tones we see each year. Also, by partnering them with deeper shades, you can add a modern vibe to a traditional set up.

Less IS more...

It's probably one of the most overused sayings but sometimes, less really is more!

Christmas is the time of year where people fall into the trap of going overboard and all out, especially on decorations around the home. Less can certainly be more by using a few key pieces saving you time and money in the long run. Look out for a stylish table centrepiece, stunning lights, fireplace dressing and more. Statement will works wonders in moderation.

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