Eight Months Old!

We're edging close to the one year mark now! Lot's of Cecily's friends are approaching their first birthdays and it's lovely to see them all grow!

8 Months Old!

Well what else? She's starting to get about more. Cecily's been sitting up and standing well for a while, but hadn't figured out how to move about. In the last few weeks, she's become much happier during tummy time and starting to attempt crawling!

It's all new ground for me as Lily was a bum shuffler baby so trying to get a baby to crawl and helping them get it is something I've never done. I think once she gets the hang of it she'll be off like a rocket, she just needs to stop getting so frustrated with herself during tummy time. I never know what to do when she gets like that. On one hand, I want to just sit her up so she calms down, but then if I don't leave her on her tummy, it'll take her longer to get over it. Being able to get around more independently is a fantastic step for Cecily. It means she can explore things around her for herself and allows her brain to make even more connections.

Cecily's also improved so much at meal times. She now has two teeth so is able to chew through things more easily and more quickly! She demolished her chicken lunch today and (messily) made her way through some strawberries. I really enjoy mealtimes with Cecily especially at the moment. Firstly everything is new and each week she's trying new flavours and textures but also, she gets to eat with the rest of us, even when we're out and about. We still have issues with milk though. She's just not interested and I've given up trying to force her. She'll drink what she wants and thats that. She has enough yogurt and cheese I think for it to not make too much of a difference and she's getting plenty of vitamins from her diet.

We're also moving away from the pre-made, puree food and getting Cecily involved in our mealtimes. As she's eating what the rest of us are eating, it has meant a change in what we eat together and also in her routine. She has dinner earlier than us normally but now, she's eating around 5:30pm then going straight to the bath then bed. It' also meant that whatever we cook for us, it has to be suitable for Cecily and needs to be easy to cut up into small enough pieces for her! I also think it will help us have a healthier, more varied diet.

Of course there is also the fact that I've spent the past few weeks back at work! I'm only working four days a week and it was the right decision. I get so excited now about getting to spend Friday's with Lily and Cecily and with Matt working a lot right now, it's once less day we don't need to rely on people and sort out childcare. Also after nine months of not working, I don't think my brain could cope with a five day week, it has struggled to know what's going on for a day so far.

The first week was hard. It wasn't that I missed being at home, I knew everyone was fine so what's the point worrying, but I really struggled to firstly, remember what it is I actually do and two, where I fit in. I work in a wonderful office and I think I'm really fortunate in the fact that we all want the best for each other. I know some people who have gone back to work and felt abandoned and in the way. I think I need to give it more time. I'm one of those people that likes to jump in and hit the ground running on things, but this is different. When having so long off, you have to ease yourself back in and let other people help you out for a while.

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