Five Months Old!

Five months old! I can't believe it. Over the last month, her personality has just shone through. Her cheeky laugh, her big smile and she's starting to remember and recognise more and more people.

I love that Cecily now recognises people and is happy to see them. Whenever she's with my dad, she turns into Little Miss Chatterbox. The girls and I spent a day with him during the heatwave and they sat there making noises at each other for ages. Cecily also gets excited when we pick Lily up from school. You can see her face light up the closer we get and she starts to jiggle about when we see her coming up to the gate. She's so happy to see Lily in general.

Another major milestone has been sitting up! She's still quite wobbly but is getting better day by day. It's really cute when she sits with other babies and they interact with each other, plus it's a great step towards being ready to eat. It's also fun because it means we can sit and interact with her. Right now she either has to be laying down or one of us holding her and she's getting a bit too heavy to hold for long periods of time.

Speaking of how heavy she is, I'm now in need of some sort of bath seat. Normally, I hold Cecily when she's in the bath, but she's getting quite big and weighty and difficult to manoeuvre. I need something that will allow me to have both hands free. I know you can get a variety of bath seats, but I'm always nervous about them tipping! I'd be there the whole time as I won't leave them in the bath alone (even when Lily showers I wait outside the door listening to check she's okay!), but I can't seem to shake the thought form my head. Looking at a few seats, I'm really leaning towards the AngelCare products. I know their monitoring systems have great reviews and they feel like a brand that can be trusted, the decision is which product is best? They have a bath support which keeps the baby in a more laid back position and a bath seat where they sit upright. The seat states it's from 6 months old, but Cecily is the size and weight of a 6 month old baby. It may be a case of taking some of my own advice and visiting a shop that stocks both and seeing which one I'm happiest with.

Another product I'm looking into is a Jumperoo. Everyone seemed to have these when Lily was little and I think it's something Cecily will enjoy. She loves being held in a standing/upright position so I think it's something that would entertain her for a while. They do seem quite expensive though. I'm searching through Facebook market place and Amazon to see if there is one available at a good price. I Love the Fisher Price ones that are like a rainforest as I think she'll enjoy all the different colours.

Last week I posted about how we're preparing for weaning and I can't wait. Cecily enjoys her milk, she takes between 7-8oz per fees but I really think she'll be happy with food and take to it well. She's going to have to as her bottles only go up to 8oz! I also think it's easier to travel with a baby who can take solids. You don't have the faff of organising a bottle and if it's just a short trip, a small selection snacks will be okay until you get home.

Our summer holidays start soon and I'm really excited to spend it with my girls! I'm hoping to get a few day trips fitted in just the three of us. English Heritage have a lot of events on throughout the summer including a Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans quest at Dover Castle (local to us) as well as other events across the country like jousts, falconry displays and Dover Castle is holding a Minecraft workshop! We're also hoping to go and see the Horrible Histories movie. Lily really enjoys the TV series and I think she'd enjoy the movie too.

I also just want to do some fun things with them. I have to go back to work in October and I think this is a huge block of time to spend with them that I won't get again for a while and want to make the most of it. We've got a dance competition coming up and Matt's working at some fun festivals that the girls can also go to. We also have various pottery cafes where we live which run a lot of workshops and event days throughout the Summer. Our local shopping area normally has a space created outside during the Summer months where various bands/musicians and performers put on shows for free throughout this time and I'm really hoping this will be back again. They've done this for a few years now and it's always really popular.

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