Four Months Old!

What has Cecily learnt over the past month? Shuffling across her play mat, she’s smiling more and more a people she knows and recognises but we still have no giggle!

It’s starting to become a little bit of a competition between us to see who can be the one to finally make her laugh. Matt came really close with singing nursery rhymes but other than that, nothing! You can tell she's finding it funny though. She makes a laughing face and movements, just no sound comes out, a little like when you laugh so much it turns into a silent laugh.

We've also moved her into the big girls cot! The Moses basket was too small and you could see that it was struggling with her being in it. Lily went straight into a cot (the one we now have for Cecily) so I’d never realised how much smaller they look when you move them. Cecily looked absolutely gigantic in the basket, but looks lost in the cot. Thankfully, it hasn’t altered her sleeping. We had a couple of grumpy nights but I think that’s more because of the hot weather we’ve had rather than the transition. It feels like a huge milestone and it made me a little sad. I think I’m very aware that we’re not having anymore children so each time Cecily grows out of something that’s it, we won’t be doing it again and even though I don’t want more children, it’s still hard to put all of that stuff away ready to sell or pass on to a new home. There’s also the positive view of “hey, we never have to do that again!” For things like first jabs, post birth grossness and, eventually chaining nappies. I’ll be very happy the day I change the last nappy. Then next thing we’ll have to change is the pram carrycot. Right now it seems okay, but she’ll need to move into the seat unit soon. It needs a good clean though!

We've also had to move Cecily into the seat of the pushchair as it was clear she was just too big for the carrycot. Even Lily was pointing it out in the end. I'm really impressed with how well it's cleaned up and looks. We bought our Joie Chrome back in 2014 when Lily was 6 months old.

Today has been exciting though. We’ve started the planning for the bed being made for the girls. I’m looking forward to just starting over with their bedroom. I know what paint colours we’re using, I’m working on expanding the storage and the bunk bed is going to be amazing! I love scrolling through Pinterest. I could happily do it all day long. We’re (and by that I really mean just me) going to add a second rail inside the built in wardrobe and see if it’s possible to fit some storage cubes in as well for shoes and accessories. I’m most excited about the bed though. It’s custom made and the aim is to include lots of storage and for it to be something they get a lot of use out of. I think I’m going all out on this because I think it’s important. I always remember this scene from Ashes to Ashes where Alex Drake is in her childhood home and she visits her old bedroom and it’s just how she remembered. It’s a really nice moment and when the girls are older, I want them to remember that space was theirs to have fun in and play together.

Finally, I've accepted that I need to start looking into childcare options. I'm going back to work part time in October and will need some childcare during the week. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a way to manage it between the two of us. My fear is that the costs will be so high, that they take my whole monthly salary. If that's the case then I need to work out if it's all worth it. I'll be starting back part time to begin with. I felt like going straight back in would be too much especially as it's one of the busiest times of the year for Matt.

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