Half Term Fun

Half term is finally here! I feel like the last six weeks have really dragged compared to previously. At least when we go back we're on the final stretch towards the summer holiday.

In all honesty it was a good term for Lily at school. Her reading is progressing at a fast rate and they've been outside a lot more which is where she flourishes even more. The term ended with their school sports week. Each day they learnt a new activity finishing the week with sports day. This was the day I truly realised that I'm now a school mum! There's something about getting overly competitive about your child racing with beanbags that makes you that mum.... I was that mum!

Half term this time is full of fun things including Matt's birthday (not quite 40 yet) and our first night away as a family of four!

We took a two day trip to Nottingham to see Lily and Cecily's aunt, uncle and cousin. It was our first overnight trip as a family of four and it went pretty well. We went to good old Premier Inn as staying with them would have been majorly hectic! It was good as Cecily used on their travel cots and it showed us that it was time she went into the main cot at home.

Also, we took Lily to explore Sherwood Forest! It was such a lovely walk and we saw the big, old oak tree, wanted posters for the outlaw gang and just had a nice time with each other. It was also great as my sister-in-law could bring her dog! I love being able to catch up with them. They're fabulous people and it's been lovely watching them become excellent parents. We now also have other things in common to talk about and just offer each other support. It's my first ever time visiting Nottingham and it's wonderful! We took the children for a walk around a local park and it was beautiful! Lots of different trees and paths as well as a great playground for Lily.

Our local library is located within a museum and during half term, students from the local university were holding a free exhibition about evolution with exhibits around the development of tools and the human body. The students had created everything as part of their final year project and opened it up as an exhibit for children during the holidays. It was fascinating! As a history fan I got lost in learning about everything and Lily had a great time building the human skeleton from scratch!

Let's also talk about the amazing weather we had over half term! Towards the end, we fancied a family walk and Matt suggested the Lower Leas in Folkestone ( or far from us) and it was beautiful! Their costal park is really well kept and had this amazing playground hidden in the middle. It runs right along the sea front with spectacular views. Also, as it was a sunny day you could smell all the lovely BBQ food people had been cooking (the park has dedicated BBQ areas for the public). We also headed down to the harbour. I live sea food and it was great to buy some fresh, local pieces. It always tastes better!

But now Lily is back at school for her final half term of reception class. I think she's most excited about seeing her year 1 class on Monday. I'm excited for it to be over! Matt works a lot over the Summer holiday and as I'll still be on maternity leave, I'll be able to take the girls to see him and enjoy some of the events he's working at. The last couple of Summers, Lily's had to be at nursery or stay with relatives while I was at work but this year she's home with me! I'm hoping to take her to listen to some music as well as explore various places around the country. One place I'd love to take her is Hampton Court Palace. I love it there and she's been learning about Henry VIII with me and loves the new SIX musical so it may be somewhere she really enjoys.

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