Review: Hegen Feeding System

Those of you who read our blog regularly will know that we found the Hegen bottles on our visit to the baby show at London Olympia. Now that Cecily is here, we've finally had a chance to get hands on with the bottles and find out just how easy and travel friendly they are...

After having Lily, we got rid of a lot of our baby stuff. We didn't really see ourselves having more children so thought we wouldn't use them again. This time I wanted to buy something that wouldn't need replacing so quickly, was simple to use and made travelling easy. You can imagine that I was impressed when I stumbled across Hegen and its solution.

The system is based on having one, versatile container than can help you with everything from breast milk storage to weaning.

I originally planned to breastfeed so initially purchased some storage pots and their manual pump. There is an electric pump option and you can also purchase adapters for other pumps. You can find more information on this on the Hegen website. Along with the pump, I also purchased two bottle teats, the idea being that someone else could feed Cecily breast milk easily from the pots. I managed to use the pump a few times before switching to formula feeding and after hearing horror stories of pumping being uncomfortable and inconvenient, I was really surprised at how easily the pump worked and that it didn't cause any soreness.

Anyway, we ended up having to switch to formula so purchased some more teats and more of the larger 8oz bottles. Now the two things I want when using bottles are:

  1. Being able to clean them easily - I HATE cleaning awkward things!

  2. That they keep the milk warm for a while when going out and about.

The Hegen bottles are a perfect for both!

As the bottles are square in design rather than cylindrical, you can easily got your hand in to reach every corner and give it a good clean. With traditional bottles, you need a bottle brush and even then, getting into every area can be a pain. The lids and teats also click into place rather than screw so the edges are also smooth and milk doesn't get clogged up around the edge. The square shape also allows them to be stacked closer together within the steriliser (we went for the Milton 3-in-1) and allows us to get a lot more in there each time.

As for travel... Just wow!

If I know Cecily will need a feed while we're out, then I make a bottle and instead of putting it in the cold water to bring the temperature down, I use one of the storage lids to seal it and pop it in the change bag. They keep the heat in brilliantly. I went out for coffee with a friend and by the time it got to feeding time (about 2 hours later), the milk was STILL hot and required a little cooling. It's fabulous. With Lily I hated having to find a coffee shop that was happy to warm her bottle. I'd also have to buy something so I could justify asking and it's money that adds up. It's also easily to travel with more than one. The storage lids click together so that they can travel as one unit.

It's just simple, easy and simple. Parenting has enough complicated tasks and anything that makes the whole thing easier is welcomed!


I just have to mention the packaging. The sets come in beautiful boxes fixed with a ribbon which really makes you feel like you've bought something special.

Other products come in sturdy packaging which keeps the product protected which I value with online shopping as yourself and the seller can never guarantee that the courier service will take care of the product properly.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Hegen products directly through their website but can also find them easily on Amazon. I've purchased through both and found the prices and delivery are similar. I also saw the at The Baby Show at London Olympia so it's possible that they'll attend future shows so keep an eye out there as well...

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