Introducing your child to sustainability with Abacus Ark

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Sustainability is something we're all thinking about and becoming more aware off, especially children. Abacus Ark Nurseries have five key points to help introduce your child to sustainability.

1. Reduce food waste

Reducing the amount of food we waste is a big step towards becoming more sustainable. One way you can reduce your food waste by batch cooking and freezing meals yourself. This is a great activity for children to get involved in, They can help make the food, label up containers and put it in the freezer. As well as learning about reducing food waste, they'll also learn about healthy meals, meal prep, cooking skills and nutrition.

By batch cooking, you'll actually be using more of the food you buy and it can be a convenient, easy way to make sure your family has healthy, home-cooked meals even on those busy post-work evenings.

Batch cooking family meals and meal prep can help your family as well as the improvement

2. Composting

Where food waste does occur, composting is a great way to change that waste into plant feed so you can grow your own variety of fresh food. This will also encourage your children to eat more organic foods and where our fresh fruit and vegetables come from.

The Royal Horticultural Society has a handy guide about composting and it's a great starting to place if you want to start. Their guide will help you find out where the best place in your garden is for composting, what you'll need and what you'll need to do. You can find the article here!

3. Recycle

Use recycled and reused materials for activities. Your child can have just as much fun with a cardboard box and some imagination as they can with that latest ‘on trend’ plastic toy. We've turned cardboard boxes into a range of things from a mini beast hotel to bus from baby dolls. Children can also have a good time while recycling. Lily loves to help me sort everything into the right box before we take it for recycling.

4. Ditch plastic

Using non-plastic toys helps save the environment and surrounds children with natural materials. More and more shops are stocking games that are made with sustainable materials. For Christmas I bought a lot of wooden toys for our friends children and our girls also received some beautiful toys.

Babi Pur sell a range of beautiful, ethical, sustainable wooden toys. Their collection is made from a selection of good quality Waldorf toys and Montessori toys and are designed to last not just throughout your child's childhood, but that of many children. When it comes to receiving second hand toys or giving other people toys Lily and Cecily have grown out of, the majority of them are wooden ones as they're more durable and stand the test of time.

Click Here to read about some sustainable alternatives to your plastic favourites...

5. Love the outdoors

Encourage an interest in outdoor and discovery play. This will help to instil a sense of respect and appreciation for the natural world. We're really lucky to live in area where woodland walks are easy to find and we also have a local forest school available for families to book sessions with.

Not only does getting outdoors encourage your child to learn about the world around them and how to look after it, it also gives you time to engage together as a family. Learning about sustainability can be aided through educational apps and internet information, learning through experience and watching those around them has much more of an impact. If your children see you and other adults in their life outside, looking after the environment then they're more likely to follow that lead.

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