Learning new things during the Covid-19 Lockdown

As I write this, it is day 48 of the lockdown and I have to admit, it has been a struggle. To help pass the time in the evenings though, I've tried to do new things to give me something else to focus on.

Appreciating nature more thanks to our daily walks.

Right at the start of the lockdown, I borrowed my mother-in-law's sewing machine. I was starting out with some simple cleaning cloths out of some old, unused towels we had in the cupboard. After finally working out how to use the machine (it took several days and lots of swear words) I made some progress and thought 'I can do this' and decided it was time to up my game a little.

My best friend is due to have her second baby this Summer and I've ben struggling to find a gift for her for ages. I'm one of those people that when it comes to buying a gift, I have to just go for a wander around the local shops until something jumps out at me. I the absence of that, I've decided to try and make something.

I've gone with making two cushions. My idea is that they'll be relatively simple to make and can be used in lots of situations such as feeding, nursery furnishings or even to help prop the baby up when they're older. I also just want to show her that even though we're far apart, I still love her and her family a lot and wish I could be there for her more.

Due to Covid-19, I'm still waiting on the last few things for it to arrive in the post but as soon as it is finished and I've sent it to her, I'll post a photo on our Instagram page.

As for Lily, she has been learning more gardening skills and about nature in general. On one of our walks we completed a leaf identification sheet from the Woodland Trust which added a new sense of excitement to our walks. As well as this, the Woodland trust have a range of other worksheets for you to complete during your daily exercise which are FREE from their website (click here to visit). It also taught just how lucky we are to live in such a naturally diverse area of England. Kent is know as the Garden of England and being at home during the Spring months has allowed us time to really appreciate it and learn about how everything grows and works. We have three woods near us and each is unique in its own way. The bluebell woods are stunning and it's been a pleasure in a way to watch it come to life this year.

Lily has also been learning about model making. She and Matt have been using left over cardboard to create forts, castles, barns and much more for Matt's old Warhammer soldiers. It's something Lily has taken a real interest in and it's been wonderful watching them have something to enjoy together. As well as this, they're now building a marble run from toilet roll tubes, a challenge set by my mum! I thought it would involve just sticking some tubes together but oh no, they've planned it out and are thinking of other accessories they can make to go with it.  

Cecily is still learning so much everyday. The toddler stage is the one I think is amazing purely due to how much is learn in such a small space of time. In the 48 days since lockdown began Cecily has learnt to walk independently, run, follow simple instructions, complete her stacking puzzles alone and can now say so many words clearly (mum, dad, nope, yes and nana). In 48 days she has become a completely different child and I'm so excited for the rest our family to see it person rather than in short clips and video calls.

Overall though as family, we've learnt to be together again. Before this, Matt would work away a lot. I think this is the longest he has been at home with us since we first got together (nearly 8 years ago)! We've learnt a lot about each other to. Through homeschool we have seen how Lily learns and the best ways to help her achieve her targets and goals, I've learnt so much about how Matt balance paperwork and business commitments and I think in return, they've learnt how much time it takes to keep our home tidy, safe, organised and stocked up on food to feed them!

In the end, I think the lockdown has been a vital part in the battle against Covid-19, but it has also been essential in strengthening family relationships and just how much we rely on each other every day.

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