Nine Months Old!

Nine months old.... only three months away from a whole year! More teeth are clearly on the way, we have the next step towards crawling and enjoyed a sister, Christmas photoshoot! Nine months old.... only three months away from a whole year! More teeth are clearly on the way, we have the next step towards crawling and enjoyed a sister, Christmas photoshoot!

Teething nightmares have begun! The first two, front teeth came through with pretty much no issues. I mean we still need the odd dose of Calpol but overall, you couldn't complain. You can now see a top tooth trying to get through and oh my! We have constant crying, disturbed sleep. It's awful! I know we have really good sleepers and I'm thankful for that, but when you're so used to getting a lot of sleep and having a baby that sleeps, this is one hell of a shock!

It's horrible to see her in so much discomfort knowing that there isn't really that much I can do about it! I can give Cecily Calpol and cold snacks to eat to help, but most of the time, you just have to watch and it's heartbreaking. Cecily is normally such a happy baby. A lot of my friends say how smiley she always is and how interactive she is, but when she's ill or teething, she's the total opposite. It's also made going out harder. She'll be fine one moment but the utterly inconsolable the next and when you're halfway through a meal somewhere, I find it really awkward and panic that people are staring and judging me (I know most people probably don't care really).

Anyway, apart form that she is thriving and the relationship between Cecily and Lily is growing more and more as the days go on. Now that Cecily can get her self about through rolling and claps, babbles and understands a little, they can play together more. Cecily has a singing zebra from VETCH which she adores a Lily loves singing along to it and wiggling with Cecily. She's also loved having Cecily sit at the table with us for meals, although she was annoyed when Cecily stole some of her dinner straight off her plate! I just love it! It's also been great just watching them from the side when they both don't realise that I'm there. It makes me feel like it's all natural rather than Lily playing with her just because we're watching her.

Though this is lovely, it does mean when Lily isn't here, Cecily misses her. It's clear sometimes that she just wants to play with Lily and when we pick her up from school, she's just so excited to see her and waves her arms about.

Reaching nine months old also means that we've been sent our appointment for Cecily's development review. This is done between the ages of 9-12 months old and is simply to see how your child is doing. Cecily's will take place in January and a few days before you go along, you fill out a questionnaire about your child's development. It includes questions about how they sit, how they respond to prompts, fine and gross motor skill questions and space for you to highlight concerns you may have. With Lily it was something new and I was really nervous before we went where as this time, I know that it's just to see how she is and basically and tick box exercise. She can sit well, she interacts well with others and is exploring everything so I know she's okay.

We've also gone cold turkey with no dummies! Lily was the same age when we ditched them and I hate having to find the things in the middle of the night. So far, it's been three days and she's cried a bit, but it's getting less and less so it's going in the right direction.

Finally, we're starting our Christmas prep as a family and we decided that we wanted to remember the first year as a family of four by getting some wonderful photos done of Lily and Cecily. We're really lucky that a local photographer and friend of ours has been running some beautiful Christmas themed photos shoots and I couldn't resist! Sarah at Sarah Hopper Photography was brilliant with the girls! She made sure that we got some beautiful photos which are being used as Christmas gifts for the older member of our family.

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