Not your usual shape lesson...

We've always encouraged Lily to learn more and now that school is accelerating before us, we're keen to step this up.​

Our lovely friends at Quarto Kids know how much we love encouraging Lily in education and sent us the fabulous ABC Shapes: Beyond Squares and Circles to have a look at. Illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius, this book is a fabulous extension of what your children have been learning about shapes up until now featuring Prymids, Ying-Yangs, Triquetras and more!

When the book arrived, Lily was about to head for a sleepover so I quickly packed it in the Trunki and sent it away with her. The next day I turn up to her saying: 

"Mummy, did you know a squished circle is called an ellipse?"

I didn't really know how to reply! She then started saying how an Ungula looks like a monsters tooth. I had no idea what and Ungula shape was. It’s all exciting to me. I never had a book like this as a child, Ive certainly not seen one on our endless bookshop visits. 

Travelling through the alphabet, each letter has it's own shape assiciated with it and has a range of fabulous illustrations throughout which really bring the shapes to life, making them more attractive to the children reading. It's also great for helping Lily and other children associated a shape to a word and as they grow and develop, that will start to recognise the word alone and know what it means. 

Living in an architecturally diverse city like Canterbury, we’ve been able to test out what we’ve learnt in the book by looking for the fun shapes around the city! At the Cathedral, you can find archways and even a few Quatrefoil shapes! Lily loved going past the orientalist supermarket and spotting the Ying Yang shape! 

A few months ago, we reviewed a series of books from Quarto Kids that focused around learning to write (both letters and numbers) as well as some shapes and this book has followed on from that for us. The letters Lily learnt in the Chalkboard Concepts series, she's begining to recognise and sound our which has been useful when sounding out words in this book. As the book moves along the alphabet, we're helping Lily associate more shapes with each letter, making new connections. 

The Little Concepts ABC Shapes book is yet another beautiful experience in helping Lily learn more and grow. As I said earlier, it’s just refreshing to talk about shapes other than square and triangles all the time. The quality of the book is also wonderful. The pages are thick enough for children with smaller hands to use it independently without bulking it up. It's also clear that the illustrations have been thought out in detail. The shapes aren't just being drawn on the page, they're built into a scene that your child can relate to. My favourite is Ellipse and Fleur-De-Lis page which has built that shapes into a knights shield. The Ogee and Pyramid are drawn to depict the scene of an Egyptian desert, the pages just ooze creativity and life! 

If you're also in the middle of getting your child ready for primary school or you just want a great book that you can all enjoy, then Little Concepts have done it again! You can order a copy online from the Quarto Kids website or from Amazon!

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