Nubie Christmas Wish List 2019

The Summer holidays are over and Christmas is now on its way! This year, Nubie has a beautiful variety of wooden toys which will help your children expand the boundaries of their imagination and creativity through play.

This collection has been designed to blend in seamlessly with your family home with its soft colour scheme and rounded edges. Constructed from a high quality MDF, the range will allow your children to play for hours on end and inspire their creative spirit.

Play Shop & Accessories

Role play is an excellent way to not only let a child's imagination and creativity flow, but to learn about different aspects of everyday life. Nubie's play grocery shop and accessories will help teach them about shopping, learn about different foods and handling money. The produce accessories (sold separately) also aim to encourage a healthy diet.

The shop comes complete with counter, blackboard and display shelf. Combining them with the fruit, vegetable and meat & fish packages will bring the shop to life! You can also add a cash register with money and credit card to help encourage mathematical skills.

Play Shop - £161

Vegetables - £22

Groceries - £26

Fruits - £22

Cash Register £42

Nubie's 2019 Christmas collection will bring hours of creative fun to your child's life.

Play Workbench & Accessories

If your little one loves to make and fix things then the workbench will be perfect from them! The beautiful bench features a vice, saw, shelves and a cupboard offering plenty of storage for the accessories and hours of fun with endless activity.

I really like this as I think it really helps develop those fine motor skills through the different elements like bolts, saw and so on. The accessory kits include everything your mini DIY lover will need including hammer, folding ruler, screwdriver and complete nuts & bolt set.

Again the accessory kits are sold separately but I think that's perfect for Christmas as it means instead of lots of random toys, family and friends can all contribute to this one, complete set.

Play Workbench - £161

Tool Set - £22

Toolbox - £32

Construction Set - £26

Play Kitchen & Accessories

This play kitchen is every young chefs dream! They can experiment with their own recipes and enjoy cooking for family and friends. The kitchen features four hotplates, turnable knobs, oven (with window) sink and storage space.

With a great variety of accessories available, they can even host their own events, including a birthday party with the gorgeous cake!

Play Kitchen - £161

Pots & Pans - £26

Tablewear - £26

Birthday Cake - £35

Dolls Bed & Accessories

Dolls are the toy we remember most from childhood. They all have their names, we give them a style and we treat them as our best friends. Nubie's Doll's Bed and accessory collection brings that to life. The range consists of a bed and duvet cover & pillow and you can also purchase Nubie's beautiful Carmen Floral Doll. Carmen comes with a beautiful, floral skirt and shirt and will be your child's first best friend!

Dolls Bed - £106

Dolls Bed Duvet Cover & Pillow - £26

Carmen Floral Doll - £39

As well as this beautiful collection of toys, Nubie also offers a variety of children's bedding, nursery decor and furniture. They also have a section for grown ups!

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