One Year Development Review

We've reached that point, it's time for the (just under) one year review. These things always make me nervous, but I learnt with Lily that it's okay to feel that way.

These review are good. Not only do they make sure your child is progressing well, they let you realise that you're doing a good job, that all those crap nights with no sleep, the dealing with tantrums, fussy eating and everything else that's involved in parenting is worth it!

I always get nervous, about everything. Honestly everything from having to go to a meeting with new people, seeing the doctor and even just large gatherings of people I know. So something like this is never easy even when I know deep down it'll be fine. It's also a really good opportunity to ask any questions.

A lot changes when your child turns one. There are more foods they're able to eat, you can start moving away from formula and providing cows milk and also developmentally, they're off! Over the following couple of years, they change a lot. The difference in Lily from her review to the next one (at around 2 years old) were astonishing. She was talking, running, questioning everything she saw and it just shows how amazing the human brain is.

With all of those changes though, you have questions like "how much cows milk should they have in a day", "can we introduce nuts and more fish varieties?" and many more. Don't be afraid of asking these questions. No one is going to think you're silly or unprepared, they'll just be happy that you felt able to ask and trust their expertise.

As Cecily is nearly a year old, it's time for her 1 year review

Do I need to bring anything?

On the day you just need to remember two things; the questionnaire and your child's red book. These are both important. The red book is your child's health record and by this point, you'll be familiar with that. The questionnaire is so they can see how your child is doing overall. It's hard for them to see everything in the short time window you're there so by completing this, you can give them a little more information to go on.

How does the review work?

It's like a private baby group. There's toys around for them to play with, the health visitor goes through the questionnaire that you fill out (you'll receive this in the post about a month before) and just watches your child to see how they move about.

They'll also ask you about any baby groups you attend, how you're feeling and general chit chat just as part of making sure you're okay. The last part they talk about is moving on to the next stage of everything, talk about baby proofing your home and will weigh and find out your child's length. Cecily started out as a big baby and is still on the top percentiles at over 25lb!

One thing she did tell us is that from now, it's recommended to give your child a multi vitamin. I never did this with Lily. I felt like her diet was good, she was healthy, no problems and felt a bit unnecessary but after listening to her, I will do it with Cecily. They get a boost of everything from their formula milk and when you stop that (as we are once this tin is empty) that is a loss. I think she'll benefit from the extra top up while we move over to cows milk so will give it a go.

What was really nice was just to hear how happy and lovely she thought Cecily was. All any of us want is to do a good job and have happy children so to hear that was amazing. I's also nice when they turn around and say "well there's no need to worry here. She's scored in the top section for everything and is clearly really happy" and that they'll see us when she's two years old!

For a day that I was so nervous about, it went so well and we got to spend some time together beforehand over breakfast. Cecily was offering her toast to all the staff and thought everything was hilarious!

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