REVIEW: History Heroes for history lovers!

We all know I love history. It's one of the few things I was actually good at in school and I'm so happy that Lily has also taken an interested. She was delighted to get home from school to see a pack of History Heroes cards had arrived and I have to admit, I got all excited too!

The wonderful team at History Heroes have gifted us a set of their award winning Kings & Queens card game after learning that her topic at school this term is turrets and tiaras. This fun and educational game is tailored to different abilities with different levels of questions and helps your child (and yourself) learn all the facts about our legendary monarchs.

How do you play?

If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say it's a history based Top Trumps as you ask each other questions in the hope of winning all the cards to win.

To play History Heroes, you take it in turns to read the facts on the cards (there are three levels of difficulty), if your opponent guesses the correct monarch, they win the card and you ask another question. You keep going until they get one wrong, then it's their turn to ask you. You play until one person has all the cards. Quite simple really which means everyone in the family can play from granny to children of Lily's age.

What's so great about it?

What's not great!?

The quality of the cards firstly is amazing throughout the 40 card deck. They've clearly been designed with children in mind as they're a large enough size to hold easily and feel thick enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with being a child's product. I also have to mention the illustrations. Each card has a wonderful picture of the monarch being designed, drawn in a cartoon style which is really appealing to children. These pictures take the form of either a famous image of that particular monarch or create an image of an event they feature in. For example, Henry VIII's card features him with two of his wives, one carrying her head and the other looking a little frightened. Although that all sounds slightly morbid, Lily thought it was a great picture and straight away went "that's Henry VIII".

Each card also features a 'joker fact'. This is a little snippet of information about that monarch and it also says which house they belong to so Elizabeth I says "Tudor", James II says "Stuart" and William IV says "Hanover".

As well as enjoying the illustrations and playing the game, Lily has enjoyed learning. She's enjoyed learning about the monarchs featured and as a fan of Horrible Histories, she's been able to combine the facts she does know with the questions being asked. I've found it amazing.

At school, Lily's term topic is 'Turrets and Tiaras' and as part of that, they have been comparing the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We've used the History Heroes cards to learn more about both monarchs and the set has proved to be a great study tool, learning about not just the differences between a variety of monarchs.

This really has been a fun game to play. Normally games become really boring to children very quickly, but Lily just continues to love History Heroes and to be honest, so have I! So far she's wanted to at least look at the cards everyday and play the game most days. We even managed to get Matt to play with us too.

Christmas 2019

This is definitely one for this years Christmas wish list! What I like is that it's the perfect size for stockings. I'm planning on getting another set for Lily's stocking (probably the Children pack) to keep her entertained on the day itself.

It's so a nice, compact gift. Although it's wonderful that people love my girls but every year there is a present so large and impractical that it ends up living in a cupboard and forgotten about. This won't happen with History Heroes, it's brilliant for at home, in the car, on the train, literally anywhere!

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