REVIEW: Stay-put rattles from Hape!

The wonderful team at Hape and Media PR UK sent Cecily the brilliant stay-put rattle set! They're great for keeping your little one busy in the highchair while you prepare and clean away meals and easily fit in your change bag to travel with.

Straight in with first impressions: they're really well made and I can see exactly why babies love them. As well as making a noise, they're made up of different textures which are great for Cecily to explore. She really likes the tentacles on the orange octopus and the little turtle head.

The stay-put rattles come in a set of three featuring a whale, turtle and octopus

The rattles make two different sounds: the blue whale and turtle make a rice shaker type sound while the octopus has a bell inside. It's great if you organise them in a pattern as the sequence of sounds can really grab your babies attention. Cecily is seven months old and has been captivated by trying to work out why one sounds different.

Now I don't know about you, but my baby seems to love grabbing food that she's already pre-chewed and smothering it around the high chair. The stay-put rattles only downside is that they are a little tricky to clean. Bits of the food can get stuck in the top of them but, if you have a bottle cleaner, I've found the smaller end is really good for getting out those little bits. Hape state that the best way to clean them is with a damp cloth so a quick wipe over with a baby wipe is more than enough and everything comes straight off. I was really surprised though that the patterns/images have stayed on so well. With the amount of food Cecily gets over them, they need a few wipes everyday yet they still look brand new!

Overall, they're a great product which I would definitely recommend. The bright colours and characters are really appealing to children, while stimulating their senses. The different sounds help develop their hearing while the different textures stimulate touch.

Christmas 2019

Another great things is that if you know anyone with a young baby, then they'll be a perfect gift for christmas. Yes I know it's only October but we all know that buying over time helps us out.

Buying for younger children is really hard and I know I'm always trying to find things that I know the parents would be happy with them having. The stay-put rattles are fun, educational, stimulating and most importantly, compact! When Lily was little, people would buy her huge gifts which we just didn't have the room for and I'd have been really grateful for something simple like this.

Right, on to the vitals which I know a lot of you like to know! Here in the UK the stay-put rattles are available online and in-store from Smyths toys for £9.99. They're stated as suitable form new born but unless your child can hold them, they won't be much use. If you do purchase them from Smyths, then be aware that click & collect isn't displayed as an option on this product but it will let you check stock at your nearest store which is useful.

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