Six Months Old!

We're halfway through our first year with Cecily! Where do that go? It's only a month and a half until I go back to work, we have a visit to a nursery lined up (after failing to find a childminder we liked) and Cecily's personality is shining through even more! We're also right in the middle of Lily's birthday/ Cecily's Christening planning...

Weaning is going okay. Cecily's had a throat infection the past week so hasn't really wanted a lot. The doctor said to only give her what she wants which is fair enough. She's sticking to cold things like fruit puree and her milk has been a bit cooler the past few days as well. We've also been learning more and more about what foods she likes and what food she really doesn't like. It's also been a learning curve about finding out what certain foods do to her. Poor Cecily can't have cauliflower otherwise her bottom can't cope! She LOVES fruit though. Blueberry, strawberry, apricot, banana all of them! It's also been nice that she can join in at mealtimes. There's always this awkward phase where your child is getting ready to wean and they get upset and annoyed when they can see others eating. Now, she sits up in her highchair and join us and it's something I really like.

We're still waiting for her first tooth to cut though! You can see the white edging, you can see it's there, it just needs to come through. I'm thinking of getting it checked though. If you look, you can see more of the tooth on the back of the gun rather than directly on the top. It's been so long since Lily's teeth were coming through (so long they'll be falling out soon) that I'm not sure if it's right, wrong or just a bit different. I'm hoping they'll come through soon. Cecily chews on everything and you can tell that it's bothering her sometimes.

Out of the two girls, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Cecily is going to be the cheeky one! I thought Lily was cheeky but wow, Cecily surpasses that already. I've been trying to teach her the word 'no' when she's doing something she shouldn't and the smile she gives when you say it just says 'I know it's naughty, but I don't care!'

I'm really excited for them both to share a room. Cecily sleeps really well and the only thing disturbing her is us going in later in the evening. For Lily's birthday, we've bought a custom made bunk bed which Cecily's cot will be able to go under so they can (finally) share a room. Lily's excited and I'm curious to see how they'll be with each other. I've been looking into video monitors for the room so that we can see what they're getting up too.

Speaking of birthdays, we're only a few weeks away from the mega birthday/christening weekend. We've got Lily's birthday on the Saturday then a joint christening/birthday party the next day. I'm stressed already as I just want it to be perfect for them both.

Finally, we're off on our nursery visit for Cecily next week. We've found a nursery short walk from where I work, they seem really friendly and I think it's somewhere we'll go with. I just want to take Cecily on a visit so that I can see how she reacts and just to see it for myself. I like that it's so close to work. It'll make dropping her off and picking her up much easier and if anything did happen, I can get there really quickly!

Next month is looking busy but hopefully it will all go well and to plan!

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