Six Week Check

Now that Cecily is a month old, I'll be doing a post each month rather than weekly, but the six week check is one of those early milestones and wanted to share how ours went.

It went so well, much better than it did with Lily years ago. I went in confident and happy in myself and how we're doing not just individually but as a family together. I'm in a much happier place than I was when Lily was younger and I'm more confident and trusting in my own abilities as a mum.

We went through the usual checks and chats, how we're feeling, how is she feeding and so on. The most interesting part was getting Cecily weighed. Honestly in this whole process, I'm always just shocked in how big she is. I was shocked when she came out at 9lb, was surprised when she weighed 10lb a few weeks ago and now, she's 12lb. Lily never put on weight this quickly, she increased at a lower but steady centile. She drinks quite a bit of milk (currently on 6oz every 4 1/2 - 5 hours) but I'd convinced myself she'd lost weight. It turns out my arms are just adjusting to her weight. Who needs a gym when you have Cecily to cary around all day?! We also discussed the fact that she doesn't seem to do as many dirty nappies as Lily did. We only seem to get the every few days but when we do, you know about it! I was really concerned but after talking to the health visitor we came to the conclusion that seeing as she isn't in pain or bothered, then they just her and how she works! She just seems to time them for when Matt is at work,,, hhmmmmm. I'm slight suspicious of this!

The hardest part was discussing how I am. She knows about how I was with Lily, I make no secret about it but having to go over it makes me sad. Okay she can't remember it, but I do and it's the only regret I have. Those newborn days are amazing and I completely missed out on that thanks to PND. I'm also thankful I went through that because yes, it made things with Lily that little bit harder, but has made me appreciate every little moment with Cecily and the wonderful moments they have together.

Speaking of moments together, I was surprised about how the conversation turned to how Lily was adjusting. It was nice for her to be included in that as it's something we actively try to do. Lily has been our only focus for five and half years and that is a really long time and for that to suddenly change was always going to be tough. We talked about how we let her help when she wants to, whether that's with bating Cecily or feeding her, if Lily shows an interest we let her get involved but we never force it. I think we've been really lucky in the fact that she wants to help and truly adores her.

Every single day in parenting is a learning curve whether it's your first child, second or third. With Lily's I thought I'd learnt that I wasn't that good at being a mum, this time I learnt that I am and that actually, I'm doing a pretty good job! My advice to anyone would be to just have a bit of faith in yourself! You know your child or children and go with that and to recognise that health visitors are there to support us, not judge us!

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