Ten Months Old 

We're two days away from celebrating our first Christmas as our completed family of four and our baby no longer seems like a baby.

At 10 months old, she seems more like a toddler! Cecily is really moving about now. We've got the backward army shuffle sorted and she can roll for England, but still isn't a fan of crawling. She can do it now, but isn't too quick. She is brilliant on her feet though! Once she gets the confidence, she'll be off properly but for now, slow and steady is the way to go. A wonderful friend of mine gave us a VTECH walker for Cecily and she's slowly realising that she can walk away and explore with it. I love it!

Christmas is coming and the girls are excited! Photo by Sarah Hopper Photography

I love this age where they explore and her facial expressions make it even better. Cecily's cheeky personality shines through her facial expressions and I'm now 100% sure she'll be the one we need to really keep an eye on!

We are battling the pain of her two top teeth coming through. Her face is as red as a traffic light and her gums look so sore. I'm hoping they'll just suddenly pop through one morning so we can all relax a little more. It's just not nice to see them in so much pain and it does put a little downer on the festive spirit.

As for Christmas, I'm done this year! I'll be glad when it's all over and I can get back to our normal, slightly less hectic everyday life. It is nice being able to spend time with each other though. We spent Friday morning making Christmas tree decorations with our friends. It's something they do every year and it was lovely to see all the different ones they have created over the years. Lily made a star, Christmas tree and bell while I decorated a bell for my mum. We also made two decorations featuring Cecily's handprint. We're going to give one to my dad to match the handprint he has from when Lily was a baby.

Lily had a wonderful craft morning with her friends.

In the new year Cecily will be starting her settle sessions at nursery ready for the start of March but we'll also be starting to organise her first birthday in February. Thankfully it's during half term so we can do something all together while Lily is still off from school. I think it'll be nice to do something just the four of us then celebrate with those who have been brilliant this year later on in the day.

She's also just more chatty. We still only have a clear 'dad' and 'bam' but it'll do for now. She's also so aware of who's around her and who she knows and doesn't. Cecily will see us, Lily, my parents and our friends who see her often and light up with smiles but she's also now very cautious around strangers. She'll suddenly just stare at them as if to say 'why are you here' and it's quite funny.

We're also starting to understand the word no a little more than previously. Don't get me wrong she'll still go off and do whatever it is anyway, but you see the thought process of her deciding what to do first. I have started to encouter the same judgements though that I did with Lily in regards to telling Cecily 'no'. When Lily was little, I would tell her 'no' and explain to her what it was that was wrong as I felt like that would help her understand and it worked, she's a well behaved child (but she does have her moments). I will do the same with Cecily. It's not shouting and telling her off, but telling her no, with a firm voice is a start.

Right well we're off for Christmas now and you can keep up with us on Instagram @youngmumsurvival!

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