Three Months Old

Three months into being a family of four. We're half way towards weaning, Cecily is becoming more and more interactive each day, Lily is still the perfect big sister and Cecily is sleeping through the night!

Cecily is now more awake during the day and thanks to her bedtime routine, seems to have so much energy to just explore what's around her. Walking around the supermarket today, you could see her taking everything in and she smiled so much! We've had a busy few weeks, meeting new people, getting out to groups and having some friends over for some much needed coffee!

I hated baby groups with Lily but this time, I've found one that I really like and it's great as a friend of mine also comes along. Her eldest and youngest are the same ages as Lily and Cecily so we have so much to talk about but never enough coffee to do it with.

I've been trying to use the baby carrier more. A few people told me it would be easier for things like shopping and going out with Lily. Although having both hands free was useful, I just hated it! I didn't feel closer to Cecily and if anything, I feel she got in the way more! Matt likes it and I think it's where for him, he can be close to her. I had that throughout pregnancy and created that bind there. I prefer using the pram. Yes it's a pain to keep folding and packing away, but other than that, I find it simpler to navigate and get on with my day with. We have the Joie chrome (we also used it for Lily) and it suits my needs so well. I'm actually going to be a little sad to see it go when Cecily grows out of it.

We're now playing the great organisational game of switching the bedroom around to fit the cot in! Cecily is outgrowing her basket but is too young to move into the bedroom with Lily (we'll put her in there when she's about one). It can be done as it's the same one we used for Lily and it was in our room from day one, it's just trying to remember how we did it! I also need to give it a good clean and buy a new mattress. Lily's was knackered and you should buy a new one for each child as part of safe sleeping guidelines.

Our bedtime routine is still going well. We've had the odd night where she's woken up a bit later for a feed, but she gets herself back on schedule by the 5am feed which is great! She just seems to drink so much! Cecily drinks 7oz at a time and usually goes between 4.5/5 hours in between. It's lovely as we can get a lot done in the 5 hours in between and aren't shackled to being at home for feeds. They're also just at really great times. She'll have the 5am bottle, then we can get a bit more sleep and do the school run before she starts grumbling for the next one. The best thing is that


One night she just skipped her midnight feed and has done ever since. It brilliant. We then get the chance to feed her again before the afternoon school run. It's brilliant! The downside is that, although she drinks it all without a problem, she likes to take her time and needs to be winded a couple of times throughout. It also just seems like a lot for a three month old. She's happily drinking it so wants it so we'll continue to give it to her. I feel like this is another one of those, big baby so feeds more things. We seem to get a lot of responses like that from the health visitor.

What else has been going on? Well, we've also had the chance to spend some time with our lovely nephew and he and my sister-in-law finally got to meet Cecily. It's lovely as he's around three months older than her and Lily loved having two babies around. I also love that they're close in age as the rest of their cousins are much older (Lily is 5 and my brother-in-law's niece and nephew are older than that). I'm excited to see them grow together.

We have the second appointment for jabs coming up. I'm feeling positive about it as Cecily coped really well last time. I'm expecting a few days of not sleeping through but other than that, not much change.

Lily had her first class assembly at school. They did a whole performance about minibeasts and it was fabulous! She spoke really clearly and looked so happy while singing the songs. I'm glad we took Cecily as Lily loves showing her off to anyone who'll give her the time of day.

Finally... We've started organising Cecily's christening! I'm so excited as we're combining it with Lily's birthday and having one party with all our family and friends. I'm really excited as it'll be a few weeks before I go back to work and seems like a great way to finish my maternity leave.

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