Two Months Old!

Two months old? TWO MONTHS OLD! How have we come to this already! We've had a growth spurt, a mini road trip, our first set of vaccinations and early teething...

Yes, Cecily is teething at the ripe old age of two months. I couldn't quite believe it. She was dribbling a lot and having these really angry outbursts. We couldn't work it out and after asking the nurser at her vaccinations, she agreed that it was teething. She has not been a happy soul. I don't think I would be after having three needles stuck in my legs and teeth pushing through gums.

Thankfully, Lily was similar when she was teething so we've got the Calpol ready and have a fridge full of cold dummies. I've found that cold dummies are excellent not just for teething, but also in warm weather (like we had over the bank holiday weekend). I think the cold of dummy works in the same way an ice pack does when you fall over, it must numb the area a little and it seems to do it just long enough to let the Calpol kick in and work.

We've also had her first set if vaccinations done. This is a hot topic at the moment. We all see the social media posts and discussions on the news about the anti-vax parents (those who don't vaccinate their children). These people have a variety of reasons from thinking they can cause Autism and can damage a child's health. It's personal choice at the end of the day but we think they're important to have and will help prevent Lily & Cecily from contracting some of the serious illness they aim to fight. I also believe it slows down the rate at which these illness spread.

Anyway, she's had them done, she's a bit grumpy but that combined with the teething, I'm not surprised. All we can do is keep comforting her and trying to distract... before we do it all over again in four weeks! I think what helped was that we booked the appointment at 10 when she's due a feed so once it was done, we gave her Calpol and a bottle and it distracted her and calmed her down a lot. I'd definitely recommend feeding them AFTER the appointment and taking pain relief with you as the quicker you can it to them, the better.

Our next achievement has been getting into a bedtime routine. I don't really do or care about daytime routines. I feel like they shackle you to your home and put pressure on your whole day whereas a bedtime routine can be adaptable and simple. We've gone with:

6:30pm - Bath time

7:00pm - Bottle

(Sleeps form about 8:00pm)

11:30pm/12am - Bottle

She's then fine until 5am which I'm happy with! I can survive on a block of five hours sleep. Cecily didn't like it the first few days, but I'm really happy with how quickly she's settled into it and it works for us! The midnight feed coincides with Matt coming home from work and even when he is here, it's around the time we head to bed, so we're up anyway. With her vaccinations, I'm expecting it to be a little different for a few days though.

Good Friday was fabulous as we took a little road trip to Cambridge for a birthday party! Our friend's son turned one and it was lovely to see everyone again. It was also lovely to introduce them to Cecily. She's now, almost, met everyone! We spent the rest of Easter weekend with family which included me cooking for everyone. I'm no chef and hate cooking and if i'm honest, I thought by volunteering, everyone would be so scared of my cooking someone else would step in, That backfired right in my face!

I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to in month three. We have Matt's birthday coming up, the weather is getting better and we have half term along with two Bank Holiday weekends. Hopefully we'll get some fun days in!

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