Prenatal & Postnatal Support

There are organisations out their designed to help you with any decision you need to make and can also offer some great, honest and professional advice.

Surestart - these are local children's centres which offer a fantastic service. They run baby groups which are the best way to meet other local mums of all ages who are always very friendly to talk to. They also run courses in areas such as first aid specifically designed to the medical needs of young children and babies and baby massage and have lots of information and support for things such as post natal depression, breastfeeding, weaning and much more. You can easily web search for your local centre or likewise, ask your health visitor or midwife.


Health Visitor Clinic - these are run in your local area by the local team. They offer drop in services to get your baby checked over (weighed, some medical advice, but also are a great source of support for mums). Most will have information on local services for your problems or may be able to deal with them themselves. They are there to help so never be afraid to ask. You can find the details of your health visitor in your baby's red book.

Antenatal classes- These are classes that you will be offered when pregnant during your midwife appointments. Their are two types available. The first is offered by the NHS and is a free service, the other is run by NCT which is a private service which will cost. Now there are positive and negative responses from both of these classes, but in the end it does come down to personal experience and preference. Both though, will offer very practical advice on pregnancy, labour and newborn children and will also involve other mothers who are due around the same time as you.


Marie Stopes International - Marie Stopes is an organisation which offers women private and NHS abortions. There care package involves a lot of after care counselling which can really help those who find making that decision hard. They also help with contraception and STI screening. More information is available on their website; or you can get their telephone number from your doctor.


NHS - The NHS webpage is full of the latest advice given out by NHS on a range of pregnancy related issues and beyond. It also has information on what to do if you or your child is ill during surgery 'out of hours' times. Bookmarking this on your favourites bar is always handy - This is a pregnancy and child advice webpage. They have pages of advice online and also run competitions with partner brands. They also work closely with the NHS offering mums-to-be free packs of sample sized baby goodies. You can find the voucher for the first pack in your pregnancy welcome pack you received from your midwife. You can then find the next voucher within that pack and so on.

Mummy Social - This is a website that allows you to meet and chat with other mums in you local area. You can filter your search so you can find mums with children who are of a similar age to your little one and so on. This can be a great way to meet new people if you find it hard to find the confidence to visit and mother and baby group or struggle to get out of your home.  I know that I have found it useful as I live in a remote area and don't drive! Why not take a look at their website and sign up!

Kent Fire & Rescue Service - After experiencing a fire emergency recently while cooking, I have seen first hand just how amazing the teams that make up this force are. They are so quick and help you learn from your mistakes. They have a lot of information on their website about what you can do as a family and business to protect yourselves and those around you even offering to come out to your home to do a safety assessment. Head over and take a look at their amazing work now!

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